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1/31/12 7:49 A

Weekends can be are really tough. During the week I try and stay at the lower end of my calorie range and then on the weekends I target the higher end. That allows me to splurge a little on the weekends. You really need to track your nutrition on the weekends otherwise you will be spending your time catching up at the beginning of the week.

Try and get your fiance on board. Find places to eat that have nutrition information online or even in SP. I still eat out on the weekends and I'm losing weight.

Good Luck!

KLW103185 Posts: 13
1/31/12 6:56 A

I need tips on how to stay healthy on the weekends!!! During the week, I'm great about portion control, bringing food with me to work, and cooking meals at night. I eat 5-6 "meals" during the week.

On the weekends... everything goes out the door. Usually, my fiancÚ and I are so busy we don't eat breakfast, then we stop some place for lunch and then get home so late we order pizza for dinner. Or it could be the opposite, like when my fiancÚ is out of town and I sit home by myself. I usually don't plan anything because I am so busy that then I just eat in front of the TV. I'm always thinks I'm so hungry, but I know I'm not. I just don't know how to stop eating.

Anyways... anyone have tips on how to keep the weekends under control? Can't wait to hear what you have to say. Thanks!

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