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LOTUS737 Posts: 2,489
11/13/13 12:12 P

what drives you? i have been in your shoes many times, and i think for me it'll always be a fight to stay on track and keep pushing. what made it finally click? i had long stretches (months) of consistent workouts and proper eating, and then something would happen like a big professional exam or life event and i would slowly fall off the wagon and find that i gained most/all/more weight back.

i have been feeling really in the groove the last few months. what finally worked for me? QUANTIFYING. but that's me. i like to know exactly how much hard work i've been doing and what my caloric deficits are. even if the scale doesn't move, i don't feel nearly as discouraged because i KNOW i didn't eat 7000 calories extra to actually gain 2 lb or i know that i've built up a 14k deficit that just hasn't shown up on the scale.

is it posting reasons you want to lose weight? is it getting in shape for an event? is it to manage your pcos? do you have fitness goals/dreams like a 5k or a marathon? you have to figure it out- that's what makes it tough!

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
11/12/13 4:23 P

dids70 has some excellent advice. Write yourself a list. Post it in several places. Remind yourself why you need to lose the weight. And the number one reason on that list should be that you deserve to be healthy. Believe that.

The reason why you and many of us end up starting and stopping is that we have an "all or nothing" approach. That needs to be thrown out the window. Commit to changing your life and don't beat yourself up if you slip up from time to time. That's life and we're all about making a lifestyle change here. You can't stop and start life, so there's no need to feel we should stop and start getting healthy.

Commit to making one small change...and stick to it for 3 weeks. Give up fast food lunches, the mid-afternoon soda, the cigarette first thing out of thing. Or just add one healthy thing to your life: Take a 10 minute walk every lunch break, eat at least 2 servings of vegetables every dinner, or just track every breakfast you eat. Make one small change at a time. You'll see progress and THAT will keep you motivated.

And for the love of yourself, stay off the stinkin' scale. For a few months. It'll only discourage you. Your health means way more than what that number says on the scale.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/12/13 3:57 P

Until you determine the real and honest reason that you want to get healthy, no motivation, inspiration or support from this site or any other is not going to work.

Get your mind in order first. What is your big WHY? Do you want to get off medication? Do you want to be around for your family? Do you want to leave a good lasting legacy?

Losing weight and getting fit are all well and good, but you need to know why.

My big why is to be there for my nieces and nephews. They are the lights of my life and I want to be around for a long time for them. I want to romp and play with the babies, I want to dance at the weddings of my older ones, I want to go bike riding with the 9 year old. I want them to look at me and see a healthy person inside and out. This keeps me going. Looking good in a bathing suit or losing weight for a special event is not going to get me where i need to be.
This is the hardest journey I have ever been on and my goodness it is filled with rewards beyond anything i have ever received.

11/12/13 1:11 P

I have been battling with my weight my whole life. Sometimes I go all out and get a great routine but then I loose motivation and I always look back and get disappointed because I had something great and stopped or got lazy. I have PCOS (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome) which obesity is not good for AND I'm a smoker on top of it all.

I need to get something going but I'm lazy .... any tips or suggestions to get around this? is ther anything else except just doing it?

Thanks =)

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