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2/9/12 1:26 A

I used Couch to 5K and it was great.
As for how to time yourself while you run - here is the free podcast that I used

These are recordings that contain music and the voice of Robert Ullrey, telling you when to run, when to walk. I put them on my iPod and they were fine. The music wasn't my favorite, but it was bearable.

An interval timer is another option. There is an inexpensive one at
It's downloadable to your phone. You can program it very simply to any sort of intervals you desire. I run with that one now and I don't know what I would do without it.

I never could get earbuds to stay in while I ran. I had to use this type:

You can always just put in one in your ear and tuck the other in a pocket - one ear for music, the other for traffic.

Best wishes to you!

Edit to add:
PS - as for temperature, I found it best to dress as if it is about 20 degrees warmer than it really is. If it's 40 - I dress as if it's 60.

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2/9/12 12:50 A

Programs like Couch to 5K are also great. I have a friend who has had great success on it. It starts you out slow so you won't overdo it :)

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2/8/12 10:33 P

Yeah, the Running Center is very helpful. There are a few important things I like to remember:

- Don't get discouraged if you feel like you get tired quickly. Intervals is the best way to start for sure. Any running is better than none.
- Pick routes to run that are first and foremost safe (not too busy or with good sidewalks, not slippery, etc) and secondly, fun! Pick interesting places like parks or really pretty neighborhoods or whatever floats your boat.
- Make sure you get quality shoes. That doesn't have to mean the most expensive. I love Runner's World Shoe Advisor ( ).
- If you are running in a busy area, I really don't suggest you run with music. Personally, I don't like to run with music anyway, but not being completely aware of your surroundings can be dangerous. Some people can probably split their attention better than I can though.
- Make sure your hands and ears are covered if it's under freezing or anything. I usually wear spandex running pants and a long sleeve t-shirt when it's cold, and all I really have to cover as it gets holder are my hands and ears.

Running is my favorite way to work out. It allows me to measure my accomplishments in distance and things I've seen instead of calories, which makes exercise more a part of my life instead of a part of my diet.

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2/8/12 10:02 P

Hi Lori,

How exciting! In just a few short weeks I will celebrate my 6th year of running and I must say it has forever changed my life.

I am going to refer you to SparkPeople's Running Center where you can literally find every answer to your questions and if not there are links to some fab running SparkTeams that will certainly guide you through the process.

I hope this helps!


Coach Nancy

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2/8/12 9:55 P

I am new to the running world. Well, let's just say that I am going to start walking/jogging. I don't want to do overdo this. I just need some advice on how to begin.

Get new running shoes (I am overdue for a new pair of sneakers anyway)?

Run with iPod? ...and how to get the iPod earbuds to stay in??? I have little ears. :/

What to eat before/after?

What to wear? Temps in the 40s/50s in the mornings when I plan to run...wear active leggings...can't do shorts...too cold. Plus they ride up in the middle. Hoping to fix THAT when I run these thunder thighs off! ha!

Methods to begin? Intervals is obvious. I read somewhere to just jog 5-10 seconds out of every minute until my muscles and joints begin to adjust to the demands. I looked at "Couch to 5K" online and I dont' understand how you time yourself for 30 seconds...then 90 seconds or 60 seconds or whatever...with a stopwatch. I have tried that and I just let my timer run and then I get stressed out trying to remember the last number I finished on my interval so I know when to change again! argh! Can't do simple math and run at the same time...sorry...just not that talented! lol!

Anyway...just excited to get started.

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