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12/30/10 11:16 P

I know I'm late too, but my kids get two gifts from Santa and the rest from mom and dad. Santa's gifts are wrapped in totally different paper and has "fancy" writing on the name tags. One of my sons is 15 so he knows the truth, but he's great at playing along for his brothers who are 7 and 1.

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12/30/10 5:51 P

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When my daughter was little, the Santa gifts were always outside the door on Saturday morning in a Santa Bag. She loved it!!! emoticon

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TROTTERFAM4 Posts: 317
12/30/10 5:27 P

Well, in our family, Santa doesn't wrap presents. They come fresh out of that glorious red velvet bag he carries on his sleigh. Santa fills the stockings and allows for some "spillage" of presents below the stockings in front of the fire place that are unwrapped but separated out per child. Under our Christmas tree are wrapped presents from Mom and Dad. The children love this, as their Santa presents are always a huge surprise on Christmas morning.

12/30/10 11:05 A

I'm late too but this is what I do -- my kids ask Santa for 1 or 2 things and Santa then leaves them 3 things - 1 of the things is what they asked for, and the other 2 gifts may be what they asked for, but generally they're just little things, like play-doh or a game or something. So...those gifts are unwrapped, on the coffee table next to the empty cookie plate/milk glass with Santa's response note, which is on the back of the note they left for him. All other gifts come from me and are wrapped and under the tree on Christmas morning. :)

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12/29/10 7:43 P

It's late to reply now, but when my kids were younger they made their Christmas list. They got 1 item from Santa and it was always unwrapped & placed on top of the wrapped presents. And Santa's gift was not the most expensive thing that was bought.

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12/12/10 12:26 A

This is for the original poster, JENDEM1121.

If your kids are "doubling up" on their lists and they are "older" (I don't think you say how old they are), I would just spread out what you have as gifts from you AND Santa, and also mention that many---including Santa!---are watching their budgets this year. That he wants to make sure that there is enough to go 'round for *all* the kids on his list. (And mention "live simply, so that others may live".)

Another thing you could do (which we have done in a pinch) is just put some cash or a gift card in the stocking as a "bonus" from Santa. Still doesn't have to put you over budget.

My kids (11 and 9) *know* that we watch our budget, and they've learned to shop wisely (MOSTLY!) for themselves. They don't ask me to buy them tons of stuff, either.

Just my .02. Let us know what you end up doing! And good luck. It's hard to stick to one's budget this time of year.

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12/9/10 4:18 P

When my children were younger - the big item was always from Santa along with the stuff like underwear, socks, and of course the stocking full of smaller items.

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12/9/10 1:12 P

We have 6 children, 4 are grown but 2 are still at home. What we did was we would not wrap anything from Santa. The kids used to get all the good stuff from Santa. We have learned over the 25 years of doing this & have found we prefer to have just the stocking from Santa. The rest is now from us. It keeps the magic of Santa but takes away the crazyness of them thinking Santa is the reason for Christmas.

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12/9/10 3:02 A

What I started doing a few years ago was putting the Santa gifts in a Santa bag, and the ones from us were under the tree. At a toys r us, I had found a great red and white Santa bag with a tie string that was perfect. I just put those gifts in the bag with a tag to whose they were, and my kids loved it. Christmas morning they came into the den and the bag would be by the tree, usually next to some eaten cookies and a little thank you note from Santa. They're older now, and :( I think they only pretend to believe in Santa, because they think I still do lol.

12/8/10 8:14 P

We don't wrap Santa gifts. The bulk of stuff from Santa goes in the stockings. Then he leaves one big gift for each kid. Those do not get wrapped. We put a bow on them with a large tag. So stocking and one gift. That is it. The rest of the gifts are from us and I went way overboard this year. I'm completely cutting back next year.

12/8/10 12:57 P

You should still have receipts - Pick one thing for each child to return and get a santa list gift with the $.

Here Santa puts one gift for each child under the tree, then puts 2-3 smaller toys in their stockings; 2-3 other gifts under the tree are from mom and dad.

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12/8/10 12:07 A

When I was growing up, Santa brought all the toys in Santa wrapping paper with curly Santa handwriting on the tag, and Mom and Dad gave clothes and other non-toy stuff.

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12/7/10 1:01 P

I tried the different wrappings and the different handwriting's, but my 5 year old is very intuitive. So, this year I started wrapping early because I was running out of hiding places and just told her that Santa starting leaving some gifts early because he's so busy this year with so many kids being good and he needed Mommy's help to wrap them. LOL!!! She bought it for now. We also leave emoticon and cookies for Santa. emoticon This year we'll also be leaving carrots for the reindeer, as per the Santa at the mall!!! emoticon

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12/7/10 11:51 A

When I was younger Santa's gift was never wrapped just set out in front of the tree. But my husbands family never did gifts from Santa so when we started our family we had to find a happy medium. We only do stockings from Santa and usual those over flow on to the floor, lol (last year we did art supplies). Then all the gifts are from us.

JENDEM1121 Posts: 415
12/7/10 11:12 A

I have done the same -- different piles, different paper, different tags. The problem is that my kids are getting older and doubting Santa. Not to mention the fact that after I finished just about all of the shopping, they informed me that the list they gave me was just for me, not Santa. Now there is a whole second list for Santa. They are not going to be happy on Christmas morning unless Santa goes over budget!

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12/7/10 2:03 A

One present from Santa and two to three from parents. When they were 8 & 10 they were told that santa is really who ever give you a present for the neighbor kids were making fun of them for saying the still believe it Santa.

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12/6/10 7:35 P



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12/6/10 7:05 P

Always different paper and bows

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12/6/10 5:53 P

I always wrap the presents in diffrent paper and wright frrom santa

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12/6/10 3:20 P

My parents always had different Santa wrapping paper - plus, of course, gift tags that read "Santa" or "Mom and Dad."

My husband introduced a new thing which I LOVE.

Santa doesn't wrap presents. Santa puts on a tag and a bow and that's it. So nice to have those gifts that don't need wrapping - especially since Santa so often gives those large or awkwardly-sized things that are so hard to wrap anyway.

LOSING-IT-4-EVR Posts: 19
12/6/10 12:53 P

I do the same thing! Buy different wrapping paper for Santa gifts. Then use different name tags and different handwriting. I would write on the Mom and Dad gifts and my husband would write on the Santa gifts. Then just toss them all under the tree! As long as they look different from the Mom and Dad gifts it is very unlikely they will ask questions about it!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,971
12/6/10 12:48 P

By the gift tags...
Some said from Santa.
some said from Mom and Dad.

Plus, for our kids, Santa used different wrapping papers than Mom and Dad did...

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JENDEM1121 Posts: 415
12/6/10 12:17 P

For those of you who have kids who still believe in Santa, how do you tell them what gifts are from mom and dad and what gifts are from Santa? Do you open family gifts separately from "Santa" gifts? Two separate piles on Christmas morning?

I really screwed up this year. My kids are so lazy, I had to come up with their lists by asking them questions about what they wanted. Now they think that's the list for family. They both made lists for Santa yesterday, but I'm done shopping!

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