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ETHNE28 Posts: 520
2/1/13 5:51 P

I switched to an energy drink one time a day and went to iced tea. I have not had soda for 2 years...

JESSARENEA SparkPoints: (4,612)
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2/1/13 5:21 P

After reading all the articles about Renal Failure in diabetics, I too decided it was time for the soda (even my diet caffeine free) to hit the road. I also through anything that wasn't WATER (the plain, nasty, make-me-gag kind) out the door. I sit there a devise plans on how to get some, luckily the weather is horrible and I am stuck home! So, my question is: is it normal for your Glucose to substantially drop after cutting ARTIFICIAL sweeteners out of your diet and drinking H2O instead?

Little worried as to why it averages 50 pts lower (normal!) Now.

Thanks for any info or advice Sparksters!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/1/13 12:57 P

I found the only way I could do it was cold turkey. After the first three days, I didn't even miss it. Now the smell makes me ill and the taste is horrible.
i used to do the sparkling waters, but found they had artficial sweetners. Now I infuse my own water with flavor and it is awesome. (you can do a fully citrus mix, berries and citrus, cucumber and mint, apple and mint, or any other flavor combination that you like.) just cut the fruits in wedges or thin slices. Put in the water. Tighten the cover. I use mason jars. Let sit for several hours to overnight. Pop the lid and enjoy. then I use the veggies and fruit in my smoothies.

SIMPLYME160 SparkPoints: (1,834)
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2/1/13 12:04 P

If its the fizz from the soda you enjoy, try adding one of those flavor packs to club soda or plain sparkling water, all the fizz, low/no calories or caffeine, and all the fizz you enjoy.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,766
2/1/13 12:04 P

I usually have iced green tea I make myself or water. Or water wth a splash of cranberry or pomegranet juice. I am leery of the chemicals in the flavor packets so usually have filtered water.

I treat myself to cola once in a while when eating out.

SSLEIN SparkPoints: (42,164)
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2/1/13 11:14 A

I went from drinking at least two cans of Coke or Dr. Pepper a day to no caffeinated beverages at all, but drank some non-caffeinated beverages (pop) for a short amount of time to basically no pop at all and just usually drinking water. It all depends on how much of hold it has on you. I know when I tried to give up pop in the past my intake of chocolate went way up, and eventually went back to drinking caffeinated pop. Now I do not drink caffeinated beverages and only eat chocolate every once in a while.

SONICB Posts: 4,378
1/31/13 6:32 P

You could replace one of the sodas with sparkling water (Perrier?) and a splash of 100% fruit juice for flavoring. :)

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/30/13 7:36 P

Sounds like you've already got a really good handle on the problem.

Two caffeinated sodas a week is not a problem level of intake. If you never cut back from that, you would still be healthy.

If you do want to eliminate it, do what you say - cut back to caffeine-free first, then drop down to 1 a week, then eliminate it entirely.

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1/30/13 5:44 P

Any ideas on how to cut back on soda? I've gone from a pop almost every other day down to two a week but I'd like to try to cut back from caffeine to caffeine free before I cut pop out completely. I find myself drinking water if I'm really thirsty or if I have my flavor packet for it. I'm new at this but would really appreciate any information or feedback anyone is willing to give. Thanks!

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