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9/24/12 8:50 P

Thanks! And thank you for your advice- from starting my first race last year to helping me with helping my kids start running, I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions and provide great positive support!

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9/24/12 3:27 P

This makes my heart happy!!!!!!!

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9/24/12 2:23 P

Big success this weekend! I paced my kids at about a 5 mph pace, and they stayed with me. We stayed strong and steady, and I kept talking with them to make sure that they didn't sound too out of breath.

they had a little extra in the tank in the last mile, and we picked up the pace just a bit- we started passing by all of the jackrabbits (mainly adults, and a few kids too), and finished the race at our best pace.

Their goal was 40 minutes- we scored a 35-minute 5k time for each of them, and they were thrilled with their successful runs! They both felt pretty good afterward, too, and no injuries.

All-around as good a race as I could have hoped for their first try. Thanks for the advice on here- I appreciate it!

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9/5/12 2:10 P

I did a Disney 5k last weekend, and saw lots and lots of families running together or in groups (heck, I ran with my cousin, his wife, and their two tiny kids who were in jogging strollers). It is entirely doable. Just make sure you have someone who is able to keep pace with the kids, because kids tend to have a lot more energy than you'd think, and have a slower group somewhere else. It works out just fine. :)

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9/5/12 5:28 A

Thanks. We won't be winning any age groups! I just want the experience to be a good one for them!

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9/4/12 2:58 P

My 9 yr old daughter and I have done two this summer. I prepared her for the first by doing a couch to 5k with her. We ran the race together, with me pushing her sister in the running stroller. She had a ton of energy afterwards, so for the second we decided to ditch the stroller and her and I would just run together. To prepare for this one, we did about 2-4 two milers a week and did a couple 3 milers the week before the race. She did awesome and shaved a minute 33 seconds off her time! I figure a 30:05 5K for a 9 year old is pretty awesome!

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9/4/12 2:09 P

For what it is worth we celebrate with a family dinner. Typically these take on one of two forms. We have done a home BBQ, I like this because I can cook things the other family members like and also eat what I want, or that fits my plan for my food for the day; the other is a buffet. This works as each person can select according to his/her preferences. I do not pay much attention to what others eat, and I am free to eat only healthy alternatives or to have a bit of a slack day as I see fit.

Breaking bread together is a good way to bond, even if you are like me and do not eat bread very often.

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9/4/12 2:02 P

I have a few friends who run 5k with one or more of their kids.

one had decided the daughter would stay with mom, and the dad (who runs regularly) would actually run the race. So the race starts, daughter takes off and mom cannot keep up with her. Dad ran with her...and she won in her age group (her first 5k!)

the other couple runs as a family. If both kids run, one of the parents is always with the child. They may be in a group of four, or it may be one parent with each child. Their daughter has also won in her age group.

I would imagine it's difficult for one parent to keep up with 2 (or more) kids who may be at different fitness levels. It does worry me to see kids running with no adult anywhere in sight at races (and I see it too often).

hope your family has a great, safe race!

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9/4/12 12:11 P

Thanks- I feel like they are in a similar situation, so I'll do the same. My goal will br to encourage them to feel good about it. I want them to like it enough to be "fun", and to build a healthy habit for them!

I appreciate your sharing your experience.

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9/4/12 11:57 A

I did a three generation 5 km May 2011 with my Son and his two boys. Curtis and I had done other longer events, and were doing the half the next day. We had tried to get his dad (my son) to run a 5 or 10 km the year before, but I think the idea of having his father and son out distance him was more than he could stand.

I set up a C25K for my son and his youngest (age 8 at the time); however, they had not really found the time or desire to complete it as designed. My son called me a two weeks before the event and suggested that he and Camden would do a walk run (mostly walk) and perhaps Curtis and I should just go ahead and do the event at our own pace. I checked with Curt and he said that he wanted to stay with his dad and brother and at what ever was the slowest pace and finish the event together. That is what we did

I also did a 5km this year in the barrheaven run with Gramie Leanna, she finished second to last and I finished last. I then did the 10km with Curtis each of us running at our own pace (which is what we typically do).

In both events I made a choice to go at the pace of the slowest about keeping just even or just a half step behind, offer as much encouragement etc as I could through the event. Curtis and Camden took off for the last 50 meter and finished about 2-4 seconds faster than their dad and grandfather. Gramie Leanan refuses to acknowledge that she finished second to last and that I was in fact the last to cross the finish line.

In each case I let them set the pace and did not push them, in each case they had not complete enough trianing to be really ready for the event, so a WALKING/run was the order of the day.

Good running and be careful out there.


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9/4/12 11:25 A

My kids have decided that they want to run a 5k Race/Walk with me in about 3 weeks. They don't run much, but both take swim lessons and are on the school swim team. They've stayed pretty active.

I've done a few light training sessions with them- I have done a run/walk with them a few times this summer. They can't run the full distance with me, but they can finish it, i think, and I am looking forward to encouraging them to keep it up, so that running is another way for them to stay fit and active in the big array of skills and choices that my wife and I are trying to give them. My wife hates running, and won't sign up to be a part of it, even to walk it, and maybe stay with them to let me try for a good time in my own race. I'm disappointed a bit, but there will be other races, i guess!

Any suggestions on how to help them feel "ready" to run/walk the 5k? They are 11 and 9y/0, respectively. I'm thinking a couple more "practices" with me, and just being positive with them no matter what they do, will be where I start- I am glad that they've been caught up in my enthusiasm to run, want them to enjoy it, and make it a positive experience!

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