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That does seem awfully low. Even for women, 1,000 calories is not enough, and men need more. You might want to question the source of that recommendation and see if that's actually a reliable place to get information on healthy intake.

If you manually set your caloric range in spark, you need to manually calculate macronutrient ranges. This is a pain. What I suggest doing instead, if you have a goal that is within the site's allowable amounts (and 1500 is a minimum for men, so it's not, but you might want to reconsider that), is to change the goal date. Bringing your goal date forward reduces your intake range. Once you have a site-calculated calorie range that is close to your preferred range sourced elsewhere, then your macronutrients are done for you. And really - who cares if the goal date set is your 'actual' goal or not? I find this an easier way to 'jig' the programme into giving you the results you want, without having to do math! :)

12/29/12 5:39 P

Our SP program sometimes gives a calorie range that is too high. This happens for members who have a greater amount of weight to lose. I imagine this is your case. However, 1000-1500 can be too low. Can you share a little more about yourself:
I gather that you are male?
What is your age and height?
Exercise plan?
What is your current SP calorie range?

I can help with the calories, protein, carbs and fat.
The other minerals and vitamins you listed would stay the same as your current program.

Please feel free to e-mail me privately.
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...a daily caloric range of 1000-1500 calories/day? I don't think that my current daily goals of the following are correct (for the amount of calories per day):

Potassium, K:
Calcium, Ca:
Sodium, Na:
Magnesium, Mg

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