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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,883
1/15/13 1:42 P

It changes the recipe for everyone.

Coach Denise

KEEPFIT2013 Posts: 746
1/14/13 11:45 A

Hurrah. That worked. I thought I had to keep doing a recipe makeover which was quite crazy making! Does this change it for everyone or just in my collection?

KSIDOTI123 Posts: 248
1/13/13 2:51 P

I have that problem too! Thanks for the q & a. Off to try it!

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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,883
1/9/13 8:56 P

To edit your recipe, just go to your recipe box and click on the edit button next to your recipe. Once you make your corrections, click the button to submit your recipe.

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

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1/9/13 8:26 P

I entered a really easy and lowfat recipe today. But I made an error in the servings amount. It shows it as having only 1 serving at over 1500 cals! Help! How can I go back and remove or edit this recipe?
thanks much!

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