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2/8/12 6:50 A

Have you tried any relaxation techniques before bed, like some meditation, yoga, etc. Maybe that would help calm you down a little so that you can get some sleep.

Coach Jen

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2/8/12 5:32 A

I will try a guess at the reason for your excess energy: Because you were unfit, starting the exercise program caused an increased demand that exceeded the existing capacity of your body, and your body is now trying to modify itself to be able to respond to that increased demand. As a result, you have a higher heart rate, and in general a higher metabolic rate.

How do I know? The same happened to me whenever I increased the intensity of my cardio workout. But it won't last like that forever: Your body will eventually catch up with the demand, and then you will become fitter but not euphoric with too much energy.

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2/8/12 4:03 A

Oh dear, that really doesn't sound like a problem so much as a great bonus to me! But to each their own... :)

I don't think you can necessarily say when or how you will feel less energetic. If you're having difficulty sleeping is it possible you work out too close to bedtime? If you work out after 5pm at all, try bringing it forward or trying early in the morning and see how that works for you.

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2/8/12 2:57 A

I've made some small changes to my diet and I've started exercising regularly. Now I'm flooded with energy. I have problems sitting still at work and I get very little sleep because I can't seem to burn the excess energy. The last time I made similar changes, it took me two weeks to adjust to the changes. I was wondering if their was a way for me to reduce my energy so I can get some sleep. And sit still. or to at least reduce how long I'll have this amount of energy?

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