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SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,319
11/28/12 2:09 P

Relax and be sick. Let your body concentrate on getting well. Eat confort foods in moderation. Keep up or start journaling. When the illness is past, resume exercising. Stare at past patterns and tell them you are not repeating but changing them.

SLIM153 Posts: 789
11/28/12 11:20 A

I believe everyone could claim and illness however small or large. We need to claim our health and reach for our goals through all the challenges. emoticon

8/23/12 2:34 A

Don't allow yourself to give in...accept being sick, take time to take care of yourself! Keep a journal and food log and no matter what keep doing it through being sick and getting back to meeting your healthy goals! If you do the same old thing you get the same ole, change things up!
You can do it! emoticon

JANTHEBLONDE Posts: 10,445
8/22/12 12:42 P

Learning to accept your illness & staying positive!

MAGSP32 Posts: 1
8/22/12 12:30 P

I have Lupus, and I am just coming to terms with my illness. The thing is, I will not let it get me down! emoticon

JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (63,088)
Posts: 4,055
8/22/12 9:15 A

2003 I had breast cancer stage 3. Came thru it just fine. Since my illness, I am doing just fine.

8/20/12 10:36 P

Thanks for the encouragement. Funny - my wife tells me pretty much the same thing.
I'm not quite ready to tap out to this cold quite yet but whatever the case, I will do what I need to i.o.t. get past this without completely sacking my program.
Interesting quote btw. "What you resist, persists." I will ponder that.

FRUGALISTA54 Posts: 260
8/20/12 7:51 P

I know exactly what that feels like. My advice is to declare yourself sick,go to bed for a day or 2 until you feel much better, then do your best to resumeyour small goals again consistantly so you can make up any broken streaks.Setbacks are part of life. Your body will reward you for taking a break. As the saying goes: What you resist, persists..

JANTHEBLONDE Posts: 10,445
8/20/12 12:26 P

Thinking positiveā€¦and accepting my illness

8/20/12 9:50 A

Three weeks ago I restarted my spark journey to a thinner, healthier me. The first two weeks were great. I logged in all my nutrition measures, exercised regularly, did the 8+ cups of water a day and exceeded my weight loss goals. I felt great and was already looking better.
One week ago, our family came down with some seasonal bug. Now I feel like garbage. I don't want to exercise, don't like the look of whats staring back at me from the mirror and have lost most of my motivation. I suspect that I put back on a pound or two over the weekend but don't even want to weigh in.
I realize now that this is a recurring pattern for me. I get a good start, make progress, get sick, lose motivation, give up my gains and say "heck with it." I am motivated by making progress and feeling good about it. When I get sick, I just don't want to bother then once I've lost ground, I lose the will to re-take it.
I'm refusing to do that this time. I may be stalled, but I'm not stopping. I will continue to do all the right things, even if I don't feel like it. I will keep in mind that "this too shall pass" and when I come out the other side, I will feel even better for not giving up just because I didn't feel well for a week. I will be successful this time.

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