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8/8/13 1:48 P

do the same for your recipes as well


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8/8/13 1:14 P

OK - thank you so much for being helpful.

8/8/13 11:15 A

I'm another one who manually inputs almost every food I use so that I can include as much micronutrient info as possible. I add them all to my "Favourites" so that I can access them both from the Nutrition Tracker and from the SparkRecipes site.

One thing to keep in mind when putting in the info is that Spark lists most of their micronutrients as % RDA. The reference booklet that you are using lists these by weight (g, mg, or mcg) instead, so you would have to calculate what % RDA the listed weight of that nutrient is.

The publication that I use for figuring that out is:

Hope this is helpful!

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8/8/13 9:58 A

This quick tutorial might help

How to Use SparkPeople's Nutrition Tracker

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NIRERIN Posts: 13,051
8/8/13 7:58 A

check your favorites [it's the orange tab next to search where you look up the foods]. all the info you have manually entered should be in there.
of if you prefer to search using the main search box, click more on the options underneath and check the "search foods i have manually entered" box.

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8/7/13 11:45 P

Hi all

I'm using the Canadian government publication called 'Nutrient Value of Some Common Foods, largely because I'm quite surprised at some of the values that do come up on Sparky. I try to input that information into the nutrition tracker and it will do it, but just for the one time. After that it disappears into the ether and I'm tired of repeating the stuff.

How do I get it to stay there, so that I can utilize it whenever I want. ( I know that I'm sadly lacking in technical knowledge, but willing to learn.

Thanks in advance


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