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2/2/12 12:20 P

I bought a postal scale for cheeeeep on eBay! It measures in all sorts of units, and has a "tare" feature, which means you can put some container and zero the weight before you add your food to it. That way, the measurement is nothing but the food.

It's worth it to keep checking auction or other commercial sites until you find something in your price range. For that matter, some of the bed or kitchen specialty stores occasionally put out coupons for dollars off if you spend a certain amount. That might get your cost into a more manageable range too.

I agree with others, you need a scale if you're going to be dieting. It's amazing to see the actual weights of things. I've gotten better now since I've had my scale, but I was way off on my estimates before that.

Until you can budget out a scale, you can estimate from the serving size recommended and the total weight of the package. Usually they do tell you how many whatevers are in a serving, but if they don't, just make your best guess based upon the total weight. I'm not sure that a quarter-ounce of error is going to make a huge difference in your tracking.

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2/2/12 11:28 A

You definetly need a food scale. I've had mine for a long time, but never dreamed of using it to weigh single servings until SP. Make the scale a reward to reach for.

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2/2/12 11:04 A

at home we have a food scale; at work I use my postage scale

ANARIE Posts: 13,124
2/2/12 10:58 A

Look for a scale online and at closeout stores like Big Lots, Marshall's, or Tuesday Morning. I got a perfectly good one for my mom at Tuesday Morning for $12.99, and I've seen them for even less.

You can also figure things out from the weight on the package. If you buy a 3-pound bag of apples, for example, and there are 9 of them in the bag, then you know that on average they each weigh about 1/3 of a pound. There are 16 ounces in pound, which doesn't divide evenly by 3, but you don't eat the whole apple. If you say your apples are 5 ounces each, you'll be pretty close. If you buy a pound of meat and eat about 1/4 of it, that's going to be 4 ounces. (If you don't know how to convert fractions to decimals, it's also useful to find a chart on the internet with the most common ones, print it out, and stick it on the refrigerator. It won't take long before you get it memorized and you automatically know that 1/8 of something is .125 for the tracker.)

Lose weight, get good at math! Who knew that was another benefit of a healthy diet?

KERWRISTEA69 Posts: 63
2/2/12 1:01 A

Yes, looks like I will have to find a way to set aside a food scale fund. I'm still soo new at doing this on my own and I get very overwhelemd with this kind of stuff. Meausring cups, food scales...its tough! But thanks you guys for the answers...and that link was pretty helpful as well!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 23,740
2/1/12 6:31 P

You really need a food scale.

Until you get one...

if the bag of carrots has 10 servings, count the carrots out into 10 equal piles. Each pile is a serving.

SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
2/1/12 5:41 P

There is measuring tools to measure your food..

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
2/1/12 5:37 P

According to that, one large baby carrot weighs 15 grams and 1 medium weighs 10 grams. To put that in perspective, an ounce is 28 grams, so 3oz (84g) is approximately 6 large baby carrots, or 9 medium. Also remember that there's a difference between fluid ounces and weight ounces.

I think your doc says a person can eat unlimited veg simply because it's very *hard* to over-eat veggies, not because it's actually impossible. Even veggies have calories (just not many), and if you really eat a lot of them you *could* overshoot your range. But in general, based on most people's diets, more veggies is almost always better than less.

I know it's not helpful now, but I would really recommend that you set aside a dollar a week until you can afford a scale. Mine has been the single most valuable tool in my healthy eating arsenal and it instantly solves questions like yours; plus, you'd be surprised how often volume measurements are inaccurate. I got my scale for $30 a couple years ago and it's a nice one; there are cheaper options available.

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KERWRISTEA69 Posts: 63
2/1/12 5:16 P

I LOVE baby carrots and i bought a 2lb bag of them today. I used to be in this group at my doctors office to show us how to eat right and everything like that and I remember vividly that my dr used to tell us to eat as many vegetables as we want and i asked her did she literally mean that we could eat carrots all day long and it would be okay? and her answer was yes, as opposed to fruit (which i still include in my diet) However, on the nutrition label, it says that 1 serving is 3oz. Usually on some foods it will tell you about how much that is, and with a quick glance i saw "about 10" but after I ate 10, i realized that was the "about how many servings"
I guess my question is, how do you guys go about measuring something like this? I dont have a scale to add ounces and it really is not in the budget, but I also dont know how to add this into my nutrition tracker either. Any suggestions? Thanks SO much!

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