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MTNGRL Posts: 8,554
8/27/13 8:03 P

Lol, I think maybe Pattiswimmer has it right after all..thanks everyone!

8/27/13 8:41 A

who measures

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (40,679)
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8/26/13 4:14 P

Personally I don't measure greens that go into my smoothies. The calories are negligible and the nutrition those greens contain far outweigh the calories, so I always throw in a handful or two and don't worry about it one bit!

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8/26/13 9:49 A

Half the time, I don't even bother measuring; I figure if I put in 2 cups or 2.5 cups of spinach, it isn't going to alter the cals significantly, and I'll be getting more nutrients out of the deal.

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8/25/13 11:50 P

Whose hand? I have a large hand, but many have small hands, so obviously my hand will hold a lot more than theirs, and that in turn alters the calories, etc.


PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
8/25/13 11:40 P

maybe by hand fulls?

MTNGRL Posts: 8,554
8/24/13 8:31 P

I think this pretty much answers my question. Use a digital scale, measure in grams and keep batteries on hand! I do have a digital scale and that is what I had been doing.
Thanks everyone!

ps, we do a lot of whole food juicing. Not much goes to waste but a lot goes to my waist!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (244,167)
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8/24/13 1:14 A

Weighing your food is the accurate way of doing it. Using cup measures creates lots of variables - whether it is packed or loose; whether 'whatever' is chopped small or larger; the size cup (a lot don't use a proper cup measure.)

My scales weigh in single grams and is digital. Just make sure that you always have batteries on hand for when they run out (but they do last a long time!)


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8/23/13 8:34 P

I have a digital food scale. Usually on the nutrition label for fruits and vegetables it will say something like "Serving size - 1 cup/90 grams" . I use the grams and measure that way. Like you mention, it's too difficult to figure out how loose or tightly to pack "one cup". I feel like using the gram weight is more accurate.

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8/23/13 8:24 P

I would love an answer, too.

Also, juicing/smoothie making may OR may not involve removing pulp. For me, the pulp remains. I guess in my case I can count on all the pulp and consider the whole food?

MTNGRL Posts: 8,554
8/23/13 8:09 P

I use kale and spinach in smoothies. I was wondering how to measure a cup for instance. Do I weigh out in ounces/grams or use a measuring cup. Is it tightly packed or loosely packed. A glass measure or an actual rigid cup measure. It might not really matter but I want to know for sure. Thanks.

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