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KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
8/18/12 9:38 A

I like diced avocado and fresh squeezed lemon juice + fresh ground pepper on my salad instead of dressing. That way, it's totally whole food and tastes great, too.

To make meals healthier, I start out with my main vegetable(s) and then add a little bit of carbs and proteins to round out the meal, instead of protein and carb with veg as an afterthought. Veggies are always the star!

8/18/12 8:38 A

such a great idea! fill up on those healthy choices first!

MICKIE27 Posts: 91
7/28/12 11:16 P

In terms of making a whole meal healthier, I try to divide my plate so that half of it is filled with veggies/salad. That way, I'm satisfied by a good-sized meal, but I haven't gorged myself on the higher-cal parts of it and I'm getting in my daily servings of fruit and veg!

P.S. I love fruit in my salad! Chopped Granny Smith or McIntosh apples are one of my fave additions! Oh, and blueberries!

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
7/28/12 8:26 P

Great idea for the strawberries !
Craisins are loaded with sugar.

I try to use olive oil/vinegar for salads. So much better than bottle stuff with ingredients I can not pronounce !

7/28/12 12:02 P

I'm going to use this forum to periodically post suggestions for satisfying your hunger while, at the same time, creating healthier meal options. These have worked for me so I hope that help all of you! Today my suggestion is:
1. Chop up strawberries or other fresh fruit of choice and add to your salad to add sweetness INSTEAD OF craisins. Fresh fruit has a lot less sugar and is better processed by your digestive system.
2. Make your own salad dressing instead of buying it from the store. The store brands tend to have a lot of preservatives, extra salt, and excess sugar. I like to mix 1-2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil with 3-4 TBS of vinegar (rice, red wine, etc.). You can even add some chopped up basil if you have some! This dressing has the good kind of fat and all natural ingredients. Top your salad off with some salt and pepper if you like!

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