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Okay, firstly, if your range is 1200-1550, (the lowest), why are you asking if exercise will allow you go "go over 1200"? YES. Every single day, regardless of exercise you MUST be over 1200. That is your minimum, not your ceiling, and consistently eating less than your goals would be harmful.

"Serving sizes" aren't that important. You'll get total fats, carbs, and proteins in the foods you track. If you find that you're consistenly over all goals, then your serving sizes are probably too large. If you're consistently under, then they're too small.

Start not by asking what you should eat or how much, but by tracking one normal week of exactly how you're eating anyway. That week of tracking will show you where you need to make changes by what values are out of range.

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Start here - there are article/videos all about nutrition.

Go to for information on servings sizes, how much is recommended.

Here is a Couch to 5K training program

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Hello everyone, I'm new here to sparkpeople. I had previously been doing the WW points plus program, But can no longer afford it. I tried to do it on my own but found it kind of frustrating. I would like to know how do I make spark people work for me ? I got my calorie range from 1200 to 1500 calories a day on my spark page. How do I know how many fruits/veggies to eat a day? what counts as a serving ? how much protein ? how many carbs ? How much fat ? again what all counts as a serving for these ? Also does exercise during the day mean that I can go over 1200 calories and have a small healthy snack if I'm still hungry ? I'm new to all this so any advice or suggestions would be great. Also is there any info on spark people about starting a running plan ? I would like to start running, I have never done it before.
Thanks in advance for all your help,

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