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DAJODU Posts: 46
1/25/13 9:11 A

I sometimes work 12 to 16 hour shifts at at time, so I also have luggage sized lunch bag as I typically pack 3 meals in it at a time, as well as enough for 2 - 3 snacks.

I definitly think it helps to kind of plan your day out ahead of time in your head. For instance, I know that for breakfast I'll most likely munch of some orange juice, dry kashi cerial, have a banana, and if I'm still hungry an apple (or possibly eat that an hour later to hold me over till lunch)

Then I eat whatever my main lunch dish, like a salad, drink another ~20ounce of water with that, and then some thing on the side like peanuts or carrots & celary with peanut butter.

I always need a snack a few hours later, so I like grabbing a cup of yogurt & a granola bar. Maybe some more fruit like strawberries if I'm still not satisfied, or if I have any left over peanuts / carrots from lunch.

Then I usually do a pretty lame supper since by now I'm running out of room for food, I make a peanut butter & honey sammich on whole wheat bread, and sometimes I'll bring a small tupperware container with protein powder. Maybe eat a hard boiled egg.

Basically I think like others have said... its just about planning and portioning. Remember to drink with your meals, and the whole concept of not eatting till your stuffed, but eatting till you arent hungry. All that food I just listed I could probably easilly devour just for lunch if I really wanted to... but then I'd be S.O.L. for the rest of the day and have to stop somewhere for fast food, which from a monetary standpoint, I'd rather pack my lunches then stop somewhere and pay $8 for a junk meal. And just in case, I usually do have a little "extra" packed, like a baggy of raisens, if I'm starving... but I hate raisens, so that are my "emergency omg I'm hungry" food that sits in my lunch bag for weeks at a time :)

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COXBETH SparkPoints: (8,276)
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1/24/13 4:27 P

When I'm eating healthy, I have a HUGE lunch bag too. :) My waistline expands too quickly if I rely on fast food. I like the ideas about snackable fruits/veggies, nuts, and hardboiled eggs (oh, and string cheese!). I go- to protein bars and trail mix a lot, but I have to be careful that they are pre-portioned or I'll eat 30 servings.

I work on a university campus right now and I know exactly which dining areas have the foods I can eat while remaining healthy - fruits at one cafe, trail mix at the health center pharmacy, crackers and pb from the student union. I also know what the healthiest choices are at the fast food places near my buildings for when I'm running late and don't have time to do all the prep work. It's not perfect, but it's better than caving and eating crazy-awful sh!t.

SHARODJAY SparkPoints: (0)
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1/24/13 3:45 P

Prepare your meals on the weekend for the following week.

1/24/13 11:46 A

If you don't live on-campus you have plenty of options -- hard boiled eggs, veggies cut and ready to go, hummus and pretzels, fruit, nuts, granola bars, etc. -- but if you live on-campus and paid for school meals, that can be dangerous. When I was in college I gained a lot of weight the first two years. Cafeterias have a lot of people to feed and they often rely on lots of starches and fats for inexpensive menus. Stick to lean meats or other protein sources, fruit and vegetables, and whole grains, and avoid the casseroles and cookies!

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,461
1/23/13 11:51 A

Well, yesterday I was at the library almost all day. I packed a snack bag with pre-portioned out roasted soynuts, a fiber one bar, and an apple. I didn't eat them all at once for a lunch, but rather I ate each one maybe an hour or two apart. Just fuel to keep me going until I get home and can make dinner.

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
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1/23/13 11:31 A

You need to do lots of planning. I bought small size items when I was in school. Some of the easiest items I used were fruit baby food, lots of yogurt, small healthy snack foods, bagged nuts, tuna, small size canned salmon, and bagged lettuce. Many other healthy foods that are much more available today. Good luck!

N16351D Posts: 2,349
1/23/13 11:18 A

When I was in college and working for the next 30 years, my lunch bag was large. In it I had enough food for morning and afternoon snack, lunch, and sometimes a light snack and even dinner if necessary. It sounds to me like you are on your way to taking control of your food intake!

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,454)
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1/23/13 10:50 A

I'm guessing you live on-campus? Are you able to go to local grocery stores to buy fresh produce? If you do live on-campus and don't have a kitchen, all you really need is a small cutting board and paring knife to cut up fresh veggies and fruit every morning to bring with you all day long. Munching on fresh veggies and fruit throughout the day is the best way to keep me from junk food. Other good things to have are greek yogurt (twice as much protein as regular low-fat yogurt), protein bars (Clif, Luna, Zone and Kind Bars are good options), nuts and seeds (watch your portions) and when you go to the dining halls, fill half your plate with fresh (preferably raw) veggies because you never know how much butter/oil is in sauteed veggies, then a quarter of your plate with lean protein and the remaining quarter with grains.

REYNINGSUNSHINE SparkPoints: (20,387)
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1/23/13 2:20 A

Hi JACA1991

I'm in my second semester of my sophomore year right now. I moved off campus at the start of the school year, partly because I wanted to have my own kitchen to make my own meals and not have to eat the overly-buttered school food.

Packing a lunch bag is great! But you have to be kinda smart about it. I put food in small bags and then label them for when I'm going to eat them. I've found that on days I'm running around from lecture to lecture to lab to the library to a meeting- I get too busy to remember to eat :P I don't even register that I'm hungry sometimes for hours- which is awful.

I've found a lot of solace in the dreaded "prepackaged" foods, especially nutrition bars. I always eat something before I leave for classes, and I try to have raisins and nuts, or a protein bar (right now my favorite are these Life Choice High Protein Bars, you can get 5 of them for like 3.89 here in Helena, which is a LOT better than paying over a dollar per bar for other). I have a noon class this term, so I almost always have a protein bar during class :P You already made a point to bring a huge lunch bag... well, if it's just too bulky to carry around, keep some of that in your car. If you have any longer break, then it's a reason to walk to your car to get the food- which means more exercise, too!

But what I recommend is not to eat a huge lunch just because you want to avoid eating garbage later on. Instead, I recommend eating small "mini meals" between classes (or if it's not noisy, during class) because then your blood sugar is more stabilized and at least I find it's easier to stop thinking about the junky foods.

GRATTECIELLA SparkPoints: (123,255)
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1/23/13 12:20 A

Is it a problem that your lunch bag is huge? I work long days and when I do so, I always bring a very large bag of food so I can be sure that I have what I need when the craving strikes.

You should also always have some quick portioned snacks on you -- I like Luna bars and Trader Joe's Just a Handful of Nuts -- no need to refrigerate, so they can go anywhere. Keep one in your purse.

JACA1991 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/23/13 12:00 A

School is in a week for me and this is my second semester of my junior year of college. I'm trying to figure out days and times when to workout but in the meantime, I need to be in control of my nutrition. I've posted a question like this before and the response I got from many people was that in order to control my hunger, I would have to portion out food (especially carbs). My lunch bag is huge! I pack a lot of food so that I can avoid the vending machines or buying any pastries at a coffee shop while I'm ordering coffee. I would like any tips or advice that you guys have. Anything?

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