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3/31/14 4:11 A

Thanks to everyone who replied. I definitely have a little more motivation to get me started, I'm going to use your suggestions. I think I'll start with myself and then incorporate my family. It's easier said then done, but I think I'm headed in the right direction. Thanks again ladies.

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3/27/14 11:37 A

Try preportioning healthy snacks in the fridge- cut up fruit and veggies, add fun healthy dips like hummus or flavored yogurts.

Instead of takeout, try making your own favorites at home. It's pretty easy to make a good asian stirfry- you can even use frozen bags of stir fry veggies, which are affordable and a great time saver. Just cook up whatever protein you like, add garlic and ginger, the frozen veg, and then whatever sauce you like- there are some decent bottled sauces too- just look at the label to check how much you should use. Homemade pizza is pretty much always better, and it's easy to make- you can buy frozen dough, buy it from your favorite pizza place, or even get pre-made crusts. Serve with a side salad and just watch portions.

I would track everything you eat for a while to see your patterns- do you need a snack in the afternoon, are you eating a lot of one type of thing and neglecting others (eg lots of carbs and not enough protein) and then you can see where to start making small changes.

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3/27/14 10:52 A

I agree with the suggestion regarding small changes.
Can you commit to one or two home cooked dinners /week?
What about committing to having one or two veggies at each dinner, even with the take out dinners? Try to make it a game. It is more fun to do things as a "challenge" vs as a" should"
How about adding a veggie soup?
You can do this.

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3/27/14 8:57 A


Our Nutrition Articles are full of great resources for you to start from. Here is one that you may enjoy:

Start with small changes. If you don't have one, invest in a water pitcher/filter system that you can keep in the fridge and have water on hand too. If you find that you tend to eat/drink things "because they are there" and you do the shopping, then stock up on items that you won't regret eating.

Be well,

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3/27/14 5:23 A

I think that it is going to be really hard to make sweeping changes all at once, and that you would probably do better trying to make some simple changes first and slowly move your family towards healthier eating. You cannot really make them change, but you can offer better eating choices, and be an example to them.

If you find it easier to just get take-out, can you change from fast food to prepared food from the grocery store? A rotisserie chicken feed four, and you can make a big green salad from the salad bar. Even if you put things like croutons and cheese on it, it's going to be a healthier choice than burgers and fries every night. Salad bars also usually have fruit salad on them, and that's a super healthy choice. As your family becomes used to eating salad, you can slowly decrease them number of unhealthy ingredients you put in it and add more healthy ones. Most supermarkets have some sort of hot foods bar now, and while there are plenty of high-fat offerings, there are usually some pretty healthy ones too.

If your mom is only going to drink soda and coffee, and you drink whatever is in the fridge, why don't you buy yourself some flavored sparkling water? It's just as easy to grab that as a sugar-filled soda.

The bottom line is that you need to make choices that are good for you long-term. And your family is probably not going to be happy about it all the time.

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3/27/14 3:48 A

I would like to realistically lose weight for the long term but I'm finding it difficult to lose the weight and getting off my feet. I'm finding it especially difficult to start losing weight because I'm battling depression. I'm living with my mother,sister, and nephew, and we all have different tastes.

My mother will only drink coffee and soda and will not drink anything else. I always end up buying it for her, and in turn I will drink it because I always eat whatever is in the fridge. My nephew will always choose fruits over cookies but still he likes his fruit snacks and chips and I can never say no to him. And my sister will eat whatever I cook or buy.

I'm taking care of my entire family, it's not a large family but I'm having trouble losing weight in this environment. I have $400-600 for our food budget which I think is enough to eat healthy. I find that eating takeout is easier, which we do almost every night, and I like to spend money. I'm an emotional binge eater and spender. I really want to change the way my whole family eats for the sake of thier health, and my health and weightloss. I'm hoping someone can offer me advice and to get me past this hurdle. Thanks in advance.

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