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SAMJUL Posts: 407
5/6/14 1:33 P much I will use this .

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5/5/14 7:50 P

And here is the direct link to the SP Recipe Calculator:

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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5/5/14 1:01 P

Use the SP recipe calculator. Add the ingredients from the SP database and the calculator will tell you the nutritional information per serving.

SAMJUL Posts: 407
5/5/14 12:35 P


Hope someone can help me out . I am starting to make my own smoothies at home berries broccoli walnuts just lots of fruit and veggies milk frozen yogurt would I calculate the calories for that...
Do I have to measure everything see what that calorie is and then add them together.

Live Laugh and Enjoy all in moderation
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