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EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
9/9/13 1:50 A

We're prescribed a low-carb diet, which eliminates any kind of "white" stuff, including potatoes. I do rarely slip from the plan, but when I do, I make mashed potatoes which I generally "dilute" with sweet potato, and then portion out only half a cup of that combination. I only allow myself that kind of treat occasionally.

Pasta, rice, etc... I just don't eat. Period.

NOTSPEEDY SparkPoints: (95,631)
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9/8/13 11:39 P

I just found out today that potatoes are high in potassium which I am always under on.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,696
9/8/13 3:02 P

try bulking up the portion sizes with veggies

MAYBER SparkPoints: (120,147)
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Posts: 9,764
9/7/13 8:36 P

Carbs really are necessary for health
Eliminating foods is not an answer
Everything in moderation with a sensible attitude
One day at a time

MLAN613 Posts: 18,439
8/25/13 10:09 A

I, too, don't put carbs off limits but I do measure and try to get in plenty of fruit and vegetables. If I go low carb, I feel lousy and sluggish.

PETESPLUM Posts: 285
8/24/13 7:38 A

I have not eaten pasta, potatoes, rice.. corn or bread in about 46 days. I don't miss it. I snuck a small potato the other night and it tore up my insides. That's reason enough to stay away from carbs.

MISSILENE SparkPoints: (63,957)
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Posts: 5,014
8/23/13 5:45 P

I mainly have high protein and low carbs. I have not had bread in almost 4 years. I don't miss it. I congratulate everyone with their weight loss plans

NEWTINK SparkPoints: (119,634)
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8/23/13 6:40 A

I use butternut squash ... any thing that you can do with potatoes or sweet potatoes you can make with butternut squash. and you cant hardly tell it is not the others. I made a faux sweet potato casserole for a Christmas party and no one knew it wasnt the real thing ... so give it a try .

8/23/13 2:25 A

I have just done portion control. I cannot / choose not to give up my potatoes and pasta. But I can microwave the tiniest potato you'd ever see. Pasta the same thing... Love spaghetti, but I put in a few beans for the hearty feeling and some noodles. Much less than the portion I would otherwise serve up for myself. But I just "need" the taste and texture of pasta from time to time.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,100)
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Posts: 3,750
8/22/13 9:46 P

I also find that protein and healthy fats help me to feel full, have more steady energy, not retain water, and forget about carbs. I feel blessed to live in a time and place where meat is easily attainable. God bless.

AGILEDOBE Posts: 428
8/22/13 9:27 P

Two months ago when I stopped milk, wheat, except for occasional bread, and most remarkably Potatoes, my chronic back pain also almost stopped, pain has been eliminated except of a sense of muscle tightness which I can live with. I love love love potatoes but now have maybe 1/ month baked. Just not worth the pain !

PUGMOM75 SparkPoints: (46)
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Posts: 1
8/22/13 9:14 P

Awesome advice! Probably because I am of Italian descent, I am a carb fiend. Love the pasta sauce idea! Can't wait to give it a try!

8/22/13 8:59 P

I gave up grains for a year and rice and potatoes.

STAN06WM SparkPoints: (10,367)
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Posts: 8
8/22/13 5:33 P

That's pretty Funny.......I'm a bread Man myself.....I've been trying to stay away from those Golden Corral dinner rolls :-)

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
8/22/13 2:38 P

I don't limit carbs. I just find ways to make them healthier and every now and then indulge in my favorite one. Add veggies to pasta. I love salsa on baked potatoes. Remember, potatoes are a good source of potassium.

PJDXXXWA2013 Posts: 4
8/22/13 1:14 P

Hi Bear Claw,

Thanks for the post. I will have to try this with my son who loves pasta, but my body does is getting older and does not need the added pounds. emoticon

Seems we can't be rid of starches completely. I steam my potatoes with sea salt water and add just a tough of Brummels & Brown NonFat yoghurt butter to 1/4 c of the water left over. Potatoes hardly any fat.

Rice is a bit trickier, I love rice. But fill it with goodies like onion, carrot, raisens and hot curry powder. ;-)

BEARCLAW6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,376)
Posts: 1,939
8/22/13 11:15 A

I used to love pasta and potatoes, too. Then I realized that I actually couldn't care less about those foods...what I liked was what I put ON the pasta or WITH the potatoes. I just eat the toppings with other veggies (broccoli, for example), instead. Spaghetti and meatballs is now broccoli and red sauce with meatballs. Pasta is especially nasty because it is almost pure, highly-processed starch. Ditch that and have the cheese sauce or other sauce on a lower-carb veggie.

NOTSPEEDY SparkPoints: (95,631)
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Posts: 6,809
8/22/13 11:12 A

I love spaghetti. When I put carrots, green, yellow, and red pepper, and onion into my food processor and added it to my spaghetti sauce, DH, son and family (5 picky kids) said it was the best sauce I had made. Make it that way ever since. Cooked spaghetti squash and seasoned it with Mrs. Dash and it was yummy and I have never been a big fan of squash.

MRSJERRYBUSH Posts: 10,490
8/22/13 9:48 A

It was a great shock for me to find out how many carbs were in the "other" vegetables.

TBOURLON SparkPoints: (18,835)
Fitness Minutes: (62,457)
Posts: 522
8/22/13 9:41 A

Potatoes aren't such a problem for me - bread is. I LOVE a hot, fresh dinner roll with lots of butter emoticon and when I go to Golden Corral I can have 2-3 of them! Best solution is to not go to Golden Corral! emoticon

HEALTHYJ29 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,307
8/22/13 1:53 A

If you make a small portion of potatoes or pasta you can bulk it up with some veggies so you feel more satisfied. Also of course protein. Though it does not take the place on some days it may satisfy by using squash. You can slice it and bake them like French fries or make into fake spaghetti

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,686)
Fitness Minutes: (23,835)
Posts: 827
8/21/13 5:03 P

It was a shocker when I realized what a pasta portion actually was and what I considered a serving. Like Bunnykicks, I try to add lots of veggies to my pasta. Sometimes I will reduce the serving size to .75 or .5, but by the time I add veggies (zucchini, artichokes, spinach, eggplant are some of my favorites) there is still quite a bit on my plate. Sometimes I add broccoli and chicken to mac and cheese. My actual mac and cheese portion is smaller but it doesn't seem that way with the extras. I don't care for wheat pasta so I still eat limited portions of regular pasta.

CHIBI_TOTORO SparkPoints: (147)
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Posts: 79
8/21/13 4:49 P

I love both potatoes and pasta - especially home made.
I don't think they have to be danger foods, if you are careful how u eat them.

I core my potatoes, so i have lots of skin and only some of the white stuff. (pwn the other white stuff off to my hubby who loves it!). The skin has lots of fiber, and lots of the taste. it's is a wonderful comprimise.

With pasta, I eat it less than once a week, and am very careful about the portion size.

I *personally* don't look at any food, from cake to alcohol as "dangerous". I look at them as part of a life time of eating. If i love them, how can i fit them into my life in a healthy way.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,234
8/21/13 4:49 P

i try to pair foods i like [potatoes and macaroni] with foods i know i should be eating. so i might bake a potato and top it with a cup of steamed broccoli and a half ounce of cheese. if i am making any kind of pasta i try to use equal parts pasta and vegetable. so when i made yellow rice the other day, i added sauteed peppers, cauliflower, broccoli and squash so that every cup of the mixture i got was about half vegetable and the other half rice.when i started doing this i started adding a little vegetable to the pasta dish i already liked and as i kept making it i would use just a little less pasta and a little more veg til i settled at about a half and half ratio.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (74,443)
Posts: 3,293
8/21/13 4:27 P

Just be very careful and strict about portion size.

I LOVE pasta, but after realizing that a tiny 2 oz.. portion of pasta (42 carbs) was going to take up almost half of my carb budget for the day, I stopped eating pasta very often. When I do have it, I choose the slightly lower carb Barilla Plus pasta and fill out the dish by adding extra spinach or other vegetables.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
8/21/13 4:16 P

For both potatoes and pasta, I really had to learn how many calories were in a serving, and cook JUST that. With potatoes, I had treated them as a vehicle to get other calorie-dense stuff in my mouth (butter, cream, oil), so eating them plain or with less of the stuff was something I could take or leave. Now when I want a very occasional treat, I'll make some full fat mashed potatoes and just have a cup, but that's VERY occasional.

Pasta is a different beast because I LOOOOOOVE it and will always choose Take It, so I measure and only cook myself a 2 oz serving so I can't go back for seconds and I can log exactly what those calories are in my tracker. Bunnykick's suggestion to add a bunch of veggies to add volume but few calories is a good one, I love adding a fresh tomato and spinach and asparagus to my pasta - it adds flavor and lets me enjoy a plate of pasta, not just a little side.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
Fitness Minutes: (2,155)
Posts: 1,379
8/21/13 4:03 P

I love potatoes. Though not in the forms that people usually think about when they think potatoes: mashed, baked, fried, and so on. We eat a lot of one-pot dishes that contain potatoes, but also cauliflower, eggplant, peppers, or such things. So that's one option -- keep eating your potatoes, but get them in forms where they're mixed with other things so that the total amount is less than you're eating now. Another option, if you really, really love them, is to keep them in larger amounts, but cut down on other things you're concerned about instead. It may work out acceptably for you that way.

Unless you have serious blood sugar issues or are worried about that, there's nothing particularly wrong with potatoes other than their having a relatively large number of calories compared to the nutrition you get from them. But that's true of a lot of foods, and not always even a serious problem while trying to lose weight, depending what your total calorie allowance is. (It's easier to fit in potatoes, obviously, if you're eating more calories to begin with.)

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
8/21/13 3:56 P

It's really tough at first, i mean, a "portion size" is just sooooo much smaller than what I was used to. I bulked up pasta with tons and tons of extra veggies, so the end result portion-size on my plate looked right. Potatoes I cut almost completely out... and I don't miss them! I found that eating a baked-potato with a steak was "habit" more than "enjoyment." Now i just do steak, a big salad, and some grilled asparagus or steamed carrots or whatever... plate's still full, dinner's still delicious, just - no potato! Or sometimes what i'll do is i buy those cute "baby nugget potatoes" - and just cook up 2 or 3 of them for myself. Built in portion control! Much easier than baking a potato and trying to eat only 1/3 of it, or mashing potatoes and trying to dollop out just a half-cup.

FIRYMIST35 Posts: 1,154
8/21/13 3:29 P

Brown rice is great and I love it, but don't eat too much of it, because it can be high in arsenic. Moderation is unfortunately necessary with this grain.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,100)
Fitness Minutes: (5,920)
Posts: 3,750
8/21/13 3:28 P

I spend my limited income on other goods; I figure there are better things to fuel my body with so I try to choose those things instead. I was largely swayed by studying the nutritional breakdown and nutrient content of grains/starches VS veggies/fruits.

For example: perhaps the most prominent nutrient in potatoes is potassium.. It takes about 275 calories worth of potato to provide the same amount of potassium (1600mg) provided in under 70 calories of spinach, along with a list of at least 20 other nutrients vegetables consistently outrank starches with for significantly fewer calories

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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,214
8/21/13 2:46 P

Yes, I bought my Ekco food scale at Walmart for $19.99., however if you want to eye ball a pasta serving it should be no bigger than the size of a light bulb...add green beans, broccoli or turkey meatballs to blunt the sugar and starch. I eat brown rice pasta by Hodgson Mills from WALMART OR Trader Joe's brown rice is denser and doesn't give me an insulin surge that will make me hungrier.

I only eat new potatoes since red potatoes have less starch in them than the white kind...sometimes I mash potatoes with steamed cauliflower and a little plain lessen the calories and make it more healthful.

Quinoa also has pasta...It is a great substitution for white or even whole grain pasta and is gluten free. It is lighter and easier to digest than traditional pasta....There are many shapes of quinoa pasta; elbow, macaroni, and spaghetti just to name a few. Don't cook it too long...more al dente or it becomes mushy....ewww.

I don't eat mac and cheese.....too much salt in the cheese and I think it's fatty.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
8/21/13 2:30 P

Get a food scale and weigh out your portion before you cook it (or at least before you eat it). Don't make extra--just make enough for that meal.

Potatoes are a healthy food. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are loaded with nutrients (especially the skins). You just have to watch your potions, watch how you cook them (e.g. deep frying isn't the best choice) and watch how you top them (as the toppings can really add a bunch of calories and fat). Oven fries and baked potatoes are good choices for the carb portion of a meal. I just weigh my portion out before I eat it. If there's too much, I scoop some out. But, I don't usually have to scoop a lot out because I buy smaller potatoes.

Pasta can also be a part of a healthy diet. There are a lot of good whole wheat pastas out there. I always weigh out the pasta before I cook it so I make just enough for my husband and myself. After it's done, I weigh out equal portions for each of us so that I know we are each getting one serving.

Food scales are pretty inexpensive (you can get them for about $25 or even less) and can easily be found at places like Target, Walmart, Amazon (if you like to shop online), etc. I use my food scale multiple times daily and it's probably my favorite kitchen appliance. I've found it to be incredibly helpful.

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CHESAPEAKE60 SparkPoints: (7,707)
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8/21/13 2:03 P

I don't eat them. I eat sweet potatoes. And whole wheat pasta and brown rice. But not potatoes or macaroni and cheese.

DIANNEBAUER SparkPoints: (1,465)
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8/21/13 1:57 P


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