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MOMMYOFTWINS789 Posts: 329
5/18/09 4:47 P

chest flies have helped me!

MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
5/18/09 11:54 A

Lift them? Why do you want to lift them anyway?

JUSTJEWEL32 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/17/09 10:59 P

I pulled this information below from EHow, while I was not implying that you can turn breast into muscle, because that is impossible, however: you can improve the overall appearance of your breast to some degree with the right exercise and a healthy diet. See the information I have pulled for you below.

*Perfect perky breasts are in every ad, movie and television show. It can be quite disheartening for the everyday woman, but keep in mind that those breasts are most likely that perky with the help of a plastic surgeon. What about those of us who can't afford cosmetic surgery, or just do not want to go under the knife? Exercising will help naturally lift breasts, and although the results will be minimal, it will make a difference, and save you thousands.*
InstructionsThings You'll Need:
Two 5 lb. hand weights
Step 1Place a weight in each hand. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Lift your arms straight out so that they are level with your shoulders, creating a T. Rotate your palms up, facing the ceiling. Bend your arms at the elbow so that your arm creates a 90 degree angle. Your palms should face your ears. Lift the weights straight up above your head, straightening your arms. Bring your arms back down to the original 90 degree angle position. Do 15 repetitions.

Step 2Put the weights in your hands, bring your arms up so that your body forms a T. Bend your elbows so that your arm creates a 90 degree angle. Your palms should be facing out. Keeping this formation, push your arms forward so that your hands, palms facing one another, almost meet. Bring your arms back to the original, 90 degree position. Do 15 repititions.

Step 3Do lateral raises with arms bent. Keep the weights in your hands. Put your arms straight down with your palms facing your thighs. Keep your arms at your side and bend your elbows so that your arms create a 90 degree angle. Your palms should be facing each other. Keeping the formation, lift your arms until the 90 degree angle is even with your shoulders. Bring back down to the original position. Do 15 repititions.

Step 4Do push-ups. You can bend your legs at the knees and do the female version. Keep your back straight. Do 15 push-ups.

This information is curtesy of :
*I hope this helps sweetness. Good luck*

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
5/16/09 10:31 P

I am with zorbs on this one. I was in a plastic ward and where people have a breast reconstruction operation for replacement efter a cancer removal or are born with only one breast. These whom have implants with one breast get called in efter 10-15 years to have implants "replaced". Others get fat tissue from another area of the body and the nipple is then tatooed on. In denmark this free, but other places you pay for it..
I would never do this operation for vanity, these women suffer. The four days I was sick as a dog with my tummy tuck, I spent most of my waking hours ringing efter nurses when the patient next to me was throwing up from their morphine pain pumps efter these operations...

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5/15/09 5:58 P

You've pretty much gotten the truth from the other posters. Breasts are made of adipose tissue (fat), mammary glands, and a connective tendon. There is no way to "turn fat into muscle" because they are two totally different kinds of tissue.

To lift your breasts you'll need surgery or a good bra.

Doing chest-flys and push-ups will give you strong pectoral muscles but will not lift your breasts.


CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
5/15/09 6:59 A

no, b/c the breast is made of fat
you can shrink the fat but you cannot lift it much; small boobs can be lifted a little with chest exercises but the bigger the chest area, the more chances to need a breast lift

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (188,726)
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5/15/09 5:07 A

breasts are made out of fat. You cannot turn them into muscle.

If you do chest exercises, you'll work the pectoral region, which is above and underneath the breasts. You may get some lift but not much.

The best way to lift your breasts is to invest in a good bra.

JUSTJEWEL32 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/15/09 12:58 A

Hi! Well I do the modified push ups and chest flys. They really do help. Also I take a one a day multivitamin for bone and breast health. In anycase, I breastfed my last two children and had started to notice some sag and they were not as full. So I started the One-A-Days and doing the push-up and chest flys every other day. Well on Mother's Day my fian'ce gave me a beautiful new sun dress and I did something I would never do which was go with out a bra. I got great comments on the dress sister and my mother asked me what kind of bra was I wearing with the sundress they didn't see any straps.. and I told them push-ups and my sister was like "a pushup bra" and I told her no... I've been doing push ups. And I think I started to see results (good noticable results) after about 8 weeks. Good luck.

5/15/09 12:00 A

I don't want my boobs to sag too much .... are there any workouts to lift my boobs and turn the fat into muscle?

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