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1/10/12 7:59 P

I agree. you NEED some carbs every day. For energy and brain function. You'll get a massive headache and feel like sleeping 24/7 if you cut them ALL out...and good luck going to the bathroom (ever)! For me (and this doesnt work for everyone) but I really had no problem cutting out ALL breads, pasta, rice and potatoes. I think because of how I felt after eating them. After I eat anything carb-rich at all, the next day my eyes are puffy, my rings are tight, i'm bloated and I look pretty much "hung over." When I do want something in that food category I reach for sweet potatoes, black beans, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, kashi whole grain cereals, etc.

Most of the daily carbs I eat now are from other sources (like they said below) including black beans, yogurt, milk. I keep them under 100 for the day and it works for me. Every "body" is different. you may need more. Experiment a little bit. Try sticking to 60-100 grams per day and see how you feel. See if you have energy, if you aren't feeling bloated, if you have mental clarity and no headache. I felt the dramatic change within a day or two of dropping my carbs down..and a pretty nice weight loss that comes along with it.

For the majority of Americans we are a society of serious carb-aholics. We eat WAYYY too many (i think I read online that the recommended was 200-350 grams per day..WHAT?!!) We don't need that much..but it all depends on your daily activities. Do you work at a desk all day? (lower carb need). Do you do outside work or operate heavy machinery? (higher carb intake needed). It all depends on your activity level. I sit on my butt at my desk all day, not exactly a high-carb demand type of with most Americans.

Carbs are fuel. If you eat a carb rich meal and then sit on the couch, well you aren't utilizing those carbs for fuel/energy and then it's stored as fat..lovely right?

Bottom line is, if you love carbs, replace them with good carbs. veggies, veggies and veggies, beans, whole wheat breads, cereals, pastas, etc. That might satisfy your carb craving, add fiber to your diet, give you energy, and improve your health all at once :)

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1/10/12 7:57 P


Are you meeting your Protein and Fat ranges? Drinking enough water? Getting enough fiber and eating enough fruits and veggies?

Is carbs the only problem?

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1/10/12 7:41 P

I'd say try to eat sweet potatoes instead of regular, and go with whole wheat pasta and bread if you must eat them. I still eat bread every day mostly morning and lunch.Try quinoa also.. I eat it instead of rice for dinner I feel satisfied and it's not ''starches''. Whatever you do, don't cut out completely !! Your body needs the carbs.

1/10/12 7:39 P

I am right With you on loving those carbs! I've gotten carbs from more wholesome swaps, like whole wheat bread, or pasta, or sweet potatoes instead. Try beans, like kidney or black as asource of carbs which also have fiber and protein, which will keep you feeling fuller for longer.
Early on I tried really hard to keep portions in check with my favorite carbs. If you want pasta, I'd suggest cooking only the appropriate portion size! Personally I couldn't stick with a reasonable serving size with a whole pot more sitting in the kitchen. But that's me. I have decided to ban pastas for the time being.
I focused more on getting my protein in, which helped with the full feeling. Experiment with different veggies, I have developed a love for spinach, peppers and random whatever else! Lately its shredded carrot and mushroom. Tends to be very low fat, lots of food for not much
calories. It's a learning process, just keep trying to adjust and you will get used to healthier eating patterns.

1/10/12 7:28 P

Don't go off carbs entirely. Just make sure your meals are balanced. One thing I learned that seems to be a good rule is that your plate should be 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 carb (potato, rice, pasta), and 1/4 protein. Also check out some healthier carbs. Quinoa, whole grain breads, sweet potatoes.

I hope something here helps!

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1/10/12 7:24 P

I have been tracking myself and I see now that I eat absolutely TOO MANY carbs.I love bread, pasta and potatoes. I need advice on how to scale down and what I can eat that will keep me feeling full so I don't overeat. I didn't eat any carbs today and I felt so dizzy. Is this normal?

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