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9/12/13 12:15 P

flavored water, low fat greek yogurt, with banana and blue berries

VASHLUVER1 Posts: 983
9/12/13 11:29 A

I have this problem as well. And now it's even worse since I'm living with my grandma now. She keeps all sorts of salty snacks and delicious treats in her house. It's so hard not to snack at night in front of my computer. I haven't found out what works for me yet, but these are all great suggestions.

KELLYK1027 SparkPoints: (7,177)
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9/11/13 2:19 P

I have that problem also, so I have stopped keeping unhealthy food in my apartment. If I want it, I have to go to the store and buy it. There is nothing in my fridge that would make me feel guilty if I ate it. Most of the times, I am too lazy to go the store so I settle for a piece of fruit or some almonds.

9/11/13 8:52 A

I have problems with this as well. I even brought a pair of 3-lb dumbbells up to the kitchen and set them there to do simple arm exercises instead of snacking.... and there they have remained for six weeks. These are all good suggestions.

JUNKDRAWER Posts: 1,253
9/11/13 7:49 A

some of my tricks: have a game that you play that requires both hands and concentration. Reading, extra housework, excercise, ending the day with a huge glass of ice water EVERY DAY, brushing teeth and using something nasty tasting like listerine to wash the tempting flavor out of my mouth, in the earlier days of my weightloss when it was super hard I used a football mouth guard--hard to chew with that in your mouth! Stay away from TV commercials filled with food, don't buy my food trap items to begin with. Find healthier alternatives for your cravings (nuts instead of chips).

I also made a task that I REALLY wouldn't want to do up that I would have to do if I binged. That really helped me think about it it was worth it to eat like that at night. So far, I've only fallen once.

I also plan my calories to allow a snack at night. I know it's something I enjoy and relax with and I get hungry, so I eat a very small lunch to make room for a snack at night. you just have to keep that small and healthy too.

I also journal because I realized I am a stress eater, and learning to identify the difference between emotions and true hunger and taking it out on paper instead of my body was a big thing.

One more thing I've found is that the all or nothing attitude had to change. If mentally I "banned" everything it made it even more tempting. I had to allow some of the "bad" stuff every now and then because I'm not going to live the next 30 years not ever eating "bad" stuff ever again. I have to be able to do this every day for the rest of my life extremes aren't the way to accomplish that.

Best wishes to you!

ITSABSURD SparkPoints: (18,393)
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9/11/13 7:04 A

Brush your teeth after dinner.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,081
9/11/13 6:25 A

as far as what to do instead of eating, that answer is anything else. if there is an activity that you find particularly absorbing [reading a book, watching a movie], do that. if there are messy activities that you like doing [cleaning, papier maiche] do those. crafting activities that require clean hands are great as well. and if picking is difficult, start writing all those things that you want to do but never have time for on little slips of paper and keeping them in a little bowl in the kitchen. when you head in to grab a snack, divert at your bowl of slips of paper, grab one and do whatever is on it.

if quantity is your issue, don't keep foods you eat in quantity in the house. it's harder to much on something if you have to run to the store to buy some instead of walking over to the cabinet and opening.

one thing i noticed is that if i don't eat enough in the morning and afternoon [about half my calories by 4pm] then i am much more prone to shoveling in whatever junk is nearby, well past the point of actually being full. another big revelation was what i was eating. my aha moment was the day i came home, was a little hungry and had a serving of pringles. unsurprisingly this didn't fill me up. so i had another, after which i was still hungry. as i was reaching for the third serving the thought that i might want to try something else flitted across my brain, so i tried it. i had about 100 cals of shrimp stir fry, which actually filled me up the way the nearly 400 cals of pringles did not. so the next day, when i had again arrived home hungry and was reaching for the chips, i tried just having the shrimp stir fry. which left me just as full as it had the day before, but without the 400 cals of pringles that i tried first. so i have found that when i start for something junky, if i divert to something that actually stands a chance of filling me up, i can skip the junk that doesn't do anything for me.

9/11/13 3:37 A

Are you going for long periods without eating? Are you eating at least 3meals a day?

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SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 25,927
9/11/13 3:26 A

A lot depends on the cause - there are lots of reasons why you do!

here are a list of the more common ones and possible solutions:

* You have dropped your calories too quickly and you find that you are hungry and needing to eat! If this is you, you will need to go back up and gradually work back down, giving your body a chance to get used to it.

* You aren't eating a good balance with fats/protein/carbs. Fat and Protein helps satiety, so make sure you are getting enough. A lot of people don't.

* You aren't eating many fruits/veges. They are fairly low calories, particularly veges, so if you fill up on them, you may find an improvement.

* You aren't starting your day with a healthy, filling breakfast. Don't skip breakfasts, and don't skimp on them, either!

* A lot of people think that because a range is, say, 1250 - 1550 calories daily, that they are better to eat at the 1250 or even less. 1200 calories is recommended for a sedentary woman of average weight, so if you are active and/or overweight your body NEEDS more calories.

* Plan for snacks into your day. I always have a snack late at night before going to bed - it is planned for.

* Boredom - this is a very common one. If you are bored, try distraction techniques. Have a hobby that you can do with your hand, or get on SP and read the articles on Nutrition and Fitness. Many of us can attest to having forgotten all about food by doing that - LOL!

Good luck,

DAVIDJACKSON01 SparkPoints: (126)
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9/11/13 2:41 A

Drink water whenever you feel the urge to get a snack at night. If you get up and go to the kitchen to get food, grab a bottle of water instead. It won't be what you are craving, but it will fill your stomach and eventually help you end eating at night.

ABIGAILGUERIN SparkPoints: (9,840)
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9/10/13 10:32 P

Munch on veggies late at night. Drink a large glass of water.

9/10/13 10:12 P

I have trouble with eating at night. Also so much of eating. I need some suggests on how to not eat so much. Also what to put in place of it.

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