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6/29/10 4:48 P

If you're uncomfortable bouncing when you run for social reasons, don't be. I made the (celebrate!) awesome discovery that my thighs don't touch anymore yesterday, and I still have body parts that bounce, as they should. The most comfortable thing to run in will be running shorts with built-in panties.

If you're opposed to bouncing due to physical discomfort, try finding some compression shorts designed for running. They will keep things in a little bit better and prevent chaffing.

As far as form goes, make sure to stand tall, have your shoulders slightly back, and don't let your arms cross in front of your chest (it's wasting energy you could be spending, you know, running... while throwing your back everywhere). Your hands should move only front-to-back, not left-to-right. Good form makes everything so much more enjoyable and comfortable.

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6/29/10 3:58 P

close sitting workout pants help me.. wore my first pair of above the knee leggings to day, a few men waved to me lol..

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6/29/10 1:53 P

At least we are out there running!! Bounce, baby, bounce yourself away!!!

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,067
6/29/10 1:52 P

I bounce with a smile!! I am out running and feeling awesome!! Keep running!!

6/29/10 1:29 P

Just wanted to second everybody's response that evvvveryone has a little jiggle when they run. You're not made of wood! Muscles move, too, and can look like they're bouncing around when running. It's no big deal. Probably nobody notices, and definitely nobody cares.

Keep running!

EELYRAM7 Posts: 370
6/29/10 1:17 P

Even people with very low body fat have muscles that shake and jiggle when they run. I always just tell myself that I am moving around so much while I am jogging that no one can tell that my butt and thighs are bouncy.

SLAPPYKIN Posts: 673
6/29/10 11:11 A

well for one, do not wear those skin tight yoga pants or whatever people wear to exercise in. I wear nike running shorts with the undies built in. I have to say though, there is not going to be a whole lot you can do to prevent your butt from bouncing. I think if you hold better posture while running this will help, but not that much.

6/29/10 11:10 A

My automatic reaction would just be looser clothing, but I have to say that everything will bounce and jiggle no matter what you wear and no matter what size you are! I still hate it when DH runs behind me!

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6/29/10 11:06 A

I actually feel good enough to leave my treadmill and go outside for a run, but want to know what to wear to keep my ample booty and thighs from bouncing so much when running. There A LOT less of it to bounce, but still want to tone it down. Can you help?

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