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10/17/13 12:06 P

That's gotta be frustrating. I actually had a friend ask me what I have been doing to lose weight, and when I told her "portion control" and "exercise" she looked disappointed.
The reality is that most people will know what to do. What's going on is they're hoping that there's another, faster way that if they just wait around long enough, they'll either be inspired to actually do what it takes, or come across that quick fix.

I actually had a friend who had gastric bypass, and a couple of her overweight family members ended up trying to gain that extra 10-20 pounds so they could qualify.

maybe offer to take a walk with her? Start slow. If she really wants it, she is going to have to come to the realization on her own. Just be there when she finally does decide to do it.

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10/17/13 11:25 A

I don't know how much you can help, the decision to lose weight really has to be a personal one. I have a friend who wanted to lose weight when I started eating healthy and working out; she even joined weight watchers. But, she never stuck to the diet, she never worked out, and she never lost weight.

Continue to encourage your friend when she mentions it. Tell her she can work out and she just needs to start slow. You could even invite her to work out with you. Just be sure it doesn't start to derail your efforts.

That's awesome that you've been going strong for two weeks! Congratulations.

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10/17/13 11:14 A

Me and my friend decided to get healthy and lose weight together. She sounded really motivated. She never started, and I'm going on almost 2 weeks now of hard exercise and losing weight. She always texts me in the morning and I tell her Ill have to text her after my workout. She then says how she wishes she could lose weight, exercise, that its so hard, etc. I do my best to tell her easier ways to do things and fun ways to exercise but she has an excuse for everything I say. So I tell myself "Okay, she doesn't really want to get healthy." but anytime she see's that I am exercising she starts saying how badly she wants to lose weight. How can I help her?

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