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1/31/13 3:18 P

Wow, I am so sorry about your mother. I am hoping it's treatable?

I am definitely not an expert on strength when it comes to giving in to stressors and eating. But your mothers cancer can be a wake up call to you. Maybe you can find some coping mechanisms that can help you handle the stress instead of the stress handling you.

Hope all turns out for you.

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1/31/13 1:13 P


Welcome to Spark People ! I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Don't beat yourself up because you turned to food for comfort. That's something that has happened to every single member of SP at one time or another. Eating too much one day does not make you a bad person or an unhealthy one. With time, you can learn to manage your stress more effectively. but that does take time.

Does your mom have a computer ? Can she SKYPE ? even though you're 2300 miles away, you can always use SKYPE to stay in touch or you can even talk on the phone. it's a way to stay connected when you're far from the person you love.

I know having a diagnosis of cancer is never and easy thing, but people are surviving and thriving today. One thing you might do is check your area for local cancer support groups. A support group can help you get through those rough times when you're not with your mom.

You could even join one of the many Spark cancer teams. You might want to check this one out.

With time, you will learn to manage your stress. Try reading some of the great Spark articles on stress management. they can help too.


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1/30/13 11:40 P

Coach Nancy,

Thank you for your support and prayers! You are right, as soon as I finished eating the junk, I felt even worse. It is a mind set that I need to change. I am just starting to get back into walking...then hopefully jogging soon. I was training for a 5k, when I tore my ACL. I have never been into running before and was very surprised that I was really enjoying it. I would love to train for a half marathon by fall. Can you suggest any exercises that I can do for my knee to strengthen it, specifically for running? I still have some discomfort when walking up and down stairs. My doctor gave me some, just wondering what the best ones are for running. Thank you again for the prayers...we will be needing them in the coming months! Sandee

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1/30/13 9:03 P

Hi SANDEE5262,

I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Just remember that food is NEVER a replacement for having to go through the stress of life. While it may make you feel good for a short time, in the long run there are so many healthier choices to make such as talking to a friend, reaching out for support (which you did here), going for a walk, even journaling your thoughts and how you feel.

For me running or walking is what I turn to when my life gets to chaotic...while it may be difficult to get going, once I have 10 minutes under my belt, there is a sense of calm. Exercise is truly a big part of my therapy. I hope this helps and I hope all goes well with your Mom.

Coach Nancy

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1/30/13 8:53 P

Hi, I have recently joined SP. it is definitely what I need! I have had a stress filled day. I received bad news about my mom's cancer. I am 2300 miles away from her. I already had a flight home scheduled for tomorrow, so that is good BUT as soon as I get stressed out, I stopped to the store and bought a bag of chips and a cherry coke. Does anyone have a suggestion to help me not turn to junk food during times of extreme stress? I need to get a handle on it because my stressors are not going away anytie soon. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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