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3/10/13 12:52 A

I have tried every trick I can think of... The best way I have figured out is, if they wont eat it for dinner, put it in the fridge. When they get hungry give it back to them... eventually they will get hungry enough to eat it...I dont make special foods for my kids, I keep in mind what they like and dont like. I try to cook a dinner that each member of the family likes a night.. so like for instance: Monday- what hubby likes, Tuesday: what my son likes, Wednesday: what i like, Thursday: what daughter likes, Friday: what our other son likes, Sat/Sun: something none of us has tried.... seems to work out for us!

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2/26/13 7:28 P

i don't like any type of bean. i would gag if i was forced to eat them. i don't force my kids to eat things they don't like. (i know that doesn't work for everyone)

i never forced them to eat if they didn't want to. sometimes dinner for them is a piece of fruit and peanut butter sandwich. if they don't like what i made, i will give them some other healthy options.

we keep trying things and along the way, we find things my kids like. my daughter hates raw carrots (unless she drowns them in ranch) but she will now put a few shredded ones on a salad.

BERKANA_T Posts: 138
2/26/13 1:34 P

We went through this with my daughter as well, although she started at a younger age. Some of the things that helped in our situation:

1) We bought her a set of special plates that only she used. (Yay for the Disney store!) She set her plate on the table and usually helped wash it afterwards and put it away. Giving her more ownership in the whole meal experience seemed to help a little.

2) I served her smaller portions of each food. A full plate seemed to overwhelm her, especially if it was food she wasn't sure of or that she didn't like a whole lot. Rather than insisting that she try two bites of something (for instance) I would only put two bites worth on the plate. It was easy enough to give her more if she wanted it, but she also wouldn't feel like there was TOO MUCH (insert four year old drama here) for her to eat.

3) If she really didn't feel like eating anything, I didn't make her. She had to sit at the table with us, but she didn't have to eat. However, her plate would get wrapped up and put in the fridge and the next time she came to me asking for a snack, she'd get that plate of lunch first. If she ate that and still wanted the snack, then she could have the snack. (Meals that reheat well are a good thing here).

As she's gotten older we've developed two rules about food - she has to TRY everything she's served; and she has one food that she absolutely does not have to eat, no questions asked. In her case, it's tomatoes. She's still a picky eater, but at 15 she eats a relatively balanced diet willingly, and likes to try new things. She serves herself small portions of the food she knows she's not fond of (to satisfy the 'try everything' rule), and eats them without complaint, then fills up on whatever else in the meal she does like.

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2/26/13 11:44 A

Also remember not everyone likes the same foods even as adults.
Like I said to my sister in law who always forced her 14 year old to eat foods...I said what if I made some shrimp or other seafood and made YOU eat it when you came over??? I know she hates that stuff. I refuse to eat the pea soup when she makes it. Just cause you like it doesn't mean others do.


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2/22/13 2:49 P

Thank you all for the great suggestions... I think this week I am going to let my daughter pick a veggie for dinner one night. I will have her go to the store with me pick it out and then help me cook it (oh I hope it is something I know how to cook LOL)... emoticon

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2/22/13 11:52 A

Kids won't starve so never worry about them NOT eating. That being said, they do have a different palate than adults and so they do taste things a bit differently than we do. But it is actually a more basic palate. Salt and sweet. Veggie are neither, and they are NOT all that pretty to look at either. So find good recipes to incorporate(hide) veggies in and make them taste and look better.

For years my wife had a tough time getting the kids to eat green beans. But when I played around with them and cooked them in teriyaki sauce and garlic, all of a sudden they were asking for my dish. So make it taste and look good, they will eat it.

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2/22/13 10:32 A

I would try making homemade versions of her fave kid foods. Fish, chicken, even string cheese can be dipped in egg, rolled in bread crumbs and baked for a healthy alternative to frozen/packaged convenience foods.We also make a lot of homemade pizzas. My oldest daughter doesn't like cooked veggies, but will eat just about anything raw. So if I'm steaming broccoli or roasting carrots, I'll just keep some aside to serve her raw. And letting them help pick new recipes makes them more likely to eat dinner.

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2/21/13 3:35 P

I gotta say I love this idea, my girls are great eaters but my friends kids are not, I'll definitely mention it to her. Thanks :)

EXNOLA Posts: 309
2/21/13 2:44 P

Yogurt is a good option, is it plain? I buy the food and I cook the meals, so I choose what we are eating. My children can choose how much they are eating with the exception of the obligatory taste of everything. My 6 year old will eat a of variety, but my newly 5 year old has a set idea of what he likes. I keep introducing good food many many times and sometimes he decides he likes it. I have gotten him to eat spinach because he likes spinach tortellini, so we have that every couple of weeks. I save the "favorites" (pizza and Mac and cheese) for occasional treats.
If my kids choose not to eat, that is fine but I do not substitute most of the time- if I made it too spicy or the recipe just didn't work and I am having a hard time choking it down I will offer a substitution- but most of the time if they don't eat dinner they will probably eat a big breakfast.

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2/15/13 4:26 P

My son is 5 now and he'll eat anything you put in front of him. When he was 2/3 he had a bad problem with only wanting hotdogs, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, junk food etc. When I would give him other food he would take a bite and hold it in his mouth for hours if I let him. I finally realized that this stress over what he ate wasn't worth it.
So I went and bought him a little table and chair of his own. I cooked and made him a plate. He got to sit at his table by himself(no distractions) and he could eat or not eat. I would give him 20-45minutes to eat depending on whatever the food was.
If he ate, good for him he might get a treat or some candy. If he didn't eat I didn't make a fuss or beg or cook him anything else. After the time was up the food got put away. If he got hungry and wanted food he could have his dinner plate back. Nothing else. No snacks or junk at all.
A child that age cannot starve themselves so don't worry about that.
Its took just over a week for my son to start eating what I put in front of him without a fuss. It took another week before he got moved back to the "big" table.

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2/13/13 2:45 P

This one I have plenty of experience with, I've got two daughters and they are good eaters in general but I think all kids have their favorites they would eat all the time if they could. The best suggestion I can give you is involve her. If I just pick the veggie and put it on the plate its just a veggie but when I set out a few options and let them pick what they want that night it becomes their choice and if possible I let them help make it. Also my new favorites for breakfast are the pancake muffins- take a muffin pan or cupcake pan, sometimes the smaller ones are better, and some pancake batter of your choice fill the the cups about half way, then set out drop ins, you can do fruits or meats or nuts, anything really. My girls love to put sausage crumbles in and fruits and sometimes I let them add chocolate chips. (just make sure to push them into the batter after the kids add them or they stay on top) These are perfect portions keep great and they are fun. Also banana roll up is one of the kids favorites, simple tortilla and add peanut butter or nutella, or both and a banana then roll it up. Always nice for on the go and a little natural sweetness. Hope this helps some.

CUDA440 SparkPoints: (84,821)
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2/13/13 2:02 P

With mine, I decided it wasn't worth the fight anymore on the foods. I have enough stress dealing with all the fighting and argueing going on.
So for dinners I do let him pick either peanut butter sandwich, cereal, oatmeal or bagel. There are a few things I KNOW he will eat that I do make, so he will eat those on occasion.
I do offer other foods, but he always says no. There have been a few SHOCKING Momments when he ASKS to try something!!! BONUS.
I do make homemade chicken tenders for the family some nights.
He will eat no sugar added applesauce in his school lunches. I also add pumpkin to my pancake batter on the weekends, or I make zucchini bread, banana bread, pumpkin muffins, blueberry muffins, carrot muffins. and he will eat those as well.

Neither one of my kids will eat a hot dog.

Just keep trying. And if she sees you eating it, she may ask some day to try it.


JLMCLUCAS SparkPoints: (26,193)
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2/13/13 6:50 A

My daughter will only eat fish sticks, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, fruit snacks, yogurt, and chips... I have offered her what we eat at night and it is a big fit. I have been having her eat 4 pices of the veggie we eat at night but again it is a big fight... Any suggestions. I want her to be healthy and learn to make good food choices when she grows up.

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