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5/23/13 8:05 A

Coconutbreeze your suggestions is great if all you are worried about is your kids getting the nutrition from vegetables but it doesn't teach them to really eat vegetables. The problem with sneaking vegetables in is that once they are older and out the house they will eat the same foods you cooked for them without the hidden vegetables! Personally, I think it is best for them to learn to eat vegetables as they are (steamed, baked, raw, etc.) so they create healthy eating habits for life. I was the pickiets kid in the world and my daughter is somewhat following in my foot steps. I know that if I hid vegetables in her food and didn't constantly introuduce her to and eat them in front of her that she would never touch them!

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5/23/13 3:10 A

It isn´t easy.. what I do is that I mix vegetables into various foods. Like if I make meatballs (Swedish as I am, lol) I finely grate carrots, onion and garlic to add to the minced meat. Sometimes I also use the mixer to mix beans or other vegetables into it. Kids have no clue, to them it´s just meatballs. Same can go for spagetti bolognese, mixing doesn´t leave a trace..

CARADAWN Posts: 1,955
5/22/13 1:51 P

I think the suggestion of cooking with your kids is a great idea. Some other things to try that my sister does (my daughter is only 2 and too young) is to have her kids try it and they have to take a bite and tell her 3 things they don't like about it before they can decide not to eat anymore. This makes the kids really think about why they don't like it and sometimes realize there isn't actually any reason they don't like it!

Another thing you can try, what my uncle did with my neice and nephew, is make them try a food blindfolded. This way they don't know what they are trying and it makes them actually pay attention to the taste. He didn't do this at dinner but usually on the weekend at some random time. This way there was no fight at dinner about food. My cousins are both great eaters.

My tip, and what I do for my 2 year old, is repition. I keep making the foods I want to eat and presenting them to her. I don't make a big deal about it and if she wants to try it she will, if she doesn't she won't. I found that at first (a couple of months) she wouldn't try anything but that was also when I tried to make her take 1 bite of everything. When I laid off and just put all sorts of food in front of her I found that she tried almost everything on her plate. If she doesn't like it that was fine with me and I don't comment or force her to eat anymore. I found with her if she is just left alone about food that she is a lot better eater than if I nag her. She is my daughter after all and I didn't eat a vegetable until I was 24!!

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5/22/13 9:57 A

Cook with them! I have two boys, one who loves veggies and one I have to fight with. I have found that if I let them help prepare and cook the veggies, then they are more willing to eat it because THEY made it! I also do superhero shakes. I always put kale and spinach in them and add fruits such as bananas, strawberries,pineapple etc. and they love it. I also agree with the few bite rule. I think that its important to teach children to try new things because they never know what they might like. Hope some of this helps! :-)

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5/21/13 3:30 P

Thanks for all the tips.

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5/18/13 6:40 A

I would not stress about them not wanting to eat one type of vegetable if they eat other kinds. I would try different types of vegetables and different methods of preparing them. Continue to make the greens for yourself if you want it but don't battle to get them to eat it.

My dd eats some vegetables better when they are in soup.

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5/18/13 2:42 A

It takes some trial and error, but you have to keep trying different preparations of each veggie. Raw, steamed, mashed, roasted-- my kids know they can't tell me "I don't like cauliflower" if they haven't tried it done up in a couple different ways. And then, every once in a while, you need to make them try it again because their tastes will change as they grow. My kids like most of their veggies raw, so I try to always keep them in the house. Even if I'm cooking veg into a recipe, I keep a couple servings aside, because they'll prefer it that way. Good luck!

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5/18/13 12:34 A

"Here, sweetie. Eat 2 spoons of this and if you don't like it, you don't have to eat any more of it today. But from now on, we're trying a few new things at meals, isn't that exciting? How about a piece of this cool [insert color of vegetable, or funky shape, or whatever may interest the kids in something new and different] thing?"

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5/17/13 11:20 A

I have 3 beautiful girls and I would like them to eat more veggies. They basically like corn and green beans. I have gotten them to eat things like butter beans. baby limas and black eyed peas ( we are a southern family) I would like to to eat leafy greens like collards or mustard's they just wont try. I am tried of the constant struggle at the dinner table I want a peacefully family dinner. Yes we eat dinner as a family every night. Any advise is welcome.

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