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While SparkPeople is a wonderful community of support and encouragement, when it comes to questions regarding exercise and those recovering from surgery, illness or injury, we do recommend that you contact your healthcare provider. Our experts and members are not in a position to do a full fitness assessment on you, therefore recommending exercises that could be contraindicated to you and your situation could leave you worse off. Sorry about that.

Coach Nancy

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Thanks for the messages. I have tried all the things that you have mentioned - no luck yet. I definitely want to get out of this pain so I can exercise again. I can't seem to lose weight with diet alone. Thank you once again.

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If you've had spinal surgeries, you probably have seen a physical therapist (either before or after surgery, or both). I'd encourage you to be in touch with that therapist and ask for some stretches and for a slowly graduated work-out routine so you can build up your tolerance as you exercise.

Also, your physician (perhaps your surgeon?) might be willing to give you a muscle relaxant drug that you can use when you experience a bad cramp or spasm. Ask for what you need! And, ask if heat (which brings more ciruculation to the area) or ice (which numbs the area) might be a useful home-therapy when you finish your exercises.

Pain will stop you in your tracks, so do what you can to advocate for yourself and learn what works to relieve (or prevent) your pain!

Take care and best wishes as you re-gain your strength and activity level!


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Even though 10 mins on a bike and a 10 minute walk may not seem like a lot of exercise, it might have been too much for your hip. Take it easy for the rest of the day. don't try to do any more exercise. let your hip rest and hopefully, the cramp will ease up on its own.

There are different stretches you could do, but because we don't know anything about you or your pain, anything we recommend might cause you more pain. To be safe, you should give your doctor a call. get their opinion.

For now, do take it easy. if the only exercise you that doesn't cause you any pain is take a 10 minute walk, that's okay. that's where you start. Over time, your muscles will get stronger and your endurance will increase, but take things slowly even if it means you walk for 10 mins a day. today you walk 10 mins next week, you might try for 15 minutes.

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I have had 3 spine surgeries and my back is fused from T1 to sacrum. I did 10 minutes on a recumbent bike and I walked for 10 minutes. Now my right hip feels like I have a cramp in it and I can hardly walk! It is very painful. I think the muscles are tight- how do I get it to let go so I can exercise again?

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