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2/29/12 4:20 P

I have the same problem. My bf seems to think I am perfect and do not need to lose any weight (I am 230lbs). I just have to keep reminding him that I am doing this for me.

We only get to see each other once a month which is hard. He wanted to plan a dinner cruise which I said no to. He kept trying to make reasons for us to go, how I could eat healthy etc. i had to be firm in my answer. We planned a comedy club instead.

It is hard, but just keep telling yourself, you are doing this for you. No one else. If he is slacking, remind him that you need support.

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2/29/12 3:44 P

That's true, I know I need to maintain my strength when he gets home. I'm gonna try harder. I just hope it will encourage him to get back on track. I know it's difficult for him while he's out on the road for work. And I must say NO to dessert!!

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2/29/12 3:37 P

He is your enabler. You are probably his too. My brother and I have the same issues. Finally I decided to be strict, and after watching me drop 14 lbs in 6 days, he is eating the same as me.

I think if you focused on yourself, your husband would fall into line. Bingeing is less fun by yourself.People see success, and want it.

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2/29/12 1:25 P

My husband and I started this journey together and now he is sort "slacking off" the healthy eating. And it was so much easier when he was my main supporter and helped keep me accountable. So now I have not been sticking to the plan like I should and I'm mad at myself. Everyday I start off great, drinking lots of water and following my food plan. Then my hubby comes home and I lose all control. How do I stay on track or keep my motivation?

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