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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,445
8/30/13 3:58 P

You've made amazing progress, so if what you've been doing is working and you enjoy it, that's okay. I was just hoping you didn't feel like you have to do that much exercise in order to reach your goals. At this point, it's best to continue with what's working for you, and as you recover you can slowly build back up to the intensity you're used to. You'll probably find you've lost some endurance, but the body has a good memory and you should be able to regain that fairly quickly.

Coach Jen

MAISIE31 Posts: 56
8/30/13 2:34 P

Thanks for the reply.....

I guess doing lots of cardio along with 1500 calories a day has worked well for me... 136 kg down to 83kg now ( over 16 months) and I can do 2 hours cardio as I have the time instead of the other exercise I currently can't.
I guess I work on the '...calories in should be less than the calories out' and dong a reasonably long workout (whilst a tad boring) is doable...

I think i'm anxious i can't do any resistance or high intensity stuff and don't want to lose any of the health improvements I have gained over the last 16 months. My bigger plan is to start running ( did in my teens) and so building up some endurance is also a medium term goal.

Ok if quality not quantity....... What is best to do without strength, intensity or resistance?.... And for how long? If I can do 2 hours is there any good reason why I shouldn't??

I am also very motivated as I have a big event and trip in November and my original plan was to get to 75 kg by then.....that is another reason that every little helps just now. The surgery has been timed badly but I had no choice....

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,445
8/30/13 6:56 A


Is there a reason you're doing so much cardio (now or before your surgery)? Unless you're training for some kind of endurance event, you really don't need more than 30-45 minutes of cardio, 4-5 days per week (along with strength training 2-3 times per week.) So I would suggest cutting back on the amount of time you're spending, and increase the intensity of the workout instead. That might not be possible at this point since you're still recovering, but just something to consider once you're back to 100% again.

It sounds like your best bet at this point is just to listen to your body. I would focus more on the quality of your workouts rather than feeling like you have to spend so much time exercising. That might also help you recover more quickly. Also keep in mind that the majority of your weight loss progress comes from diet, not exercise. So even if you can't be as active as you'd like, you can still lose weight consistently if you're tracking food and staying in your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

MAISIE31 Posts: 56
8/30/13 5:31 A

Hi all,

I am 49 and recovering from pelvic floor operation. (1 month on) my doctor has cleared me to exercise again but not high intensity work ( running, spinning, kickboxing etc). I should not particularly put pressure on/in my lower abdomen.

I have 2 weeks before I go back to work and can spend a maximum of 2 hours each day in the gym which also has a pool. I have been walking around 10k each day for the last 2 weeks.

What are your thoughts on what is best to fill this time with weight loss goals in mind?
What will be most effective?

Yesterday (1st day back) i cycled on a recumbant bike for an hour (normal bike a bit uncomfortable still) then did 15 minutes eliptical and 30 mins breast stroke.

Before surgery I was doing a spinning class (or equiv) + one of elliptical/ rowing/ treadmill/weights pretty much 6 days a week. I then cooled down with a slow swim.
I was just beginning to get running and had run 3 X 5ks but it will be 12 weeks before I am allowed to run again.

Your thoughts much appreciated ;-)

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