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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/1/13 2:04 P

Well... what if you experimented with making your own?

Use the time and energy you spend navigating through the drive-thru on whipping up a home-made version. Use the money you save to buy a little blender. There's quite a few recipe ideas floating around out there - i googled "Iced Mocha Latte Recipe" and here's a couple that caught my eye (i might try these out myself, when summer approaches!)

Even the version made with half-and-half will still come in with way less calories than the Dunkin Donuts large (made with cream) which is OVER 800 CALORIES.

I personally find it really rewarding to prepare things myself... it's a positive way for me to obsess about food, planning menus, shopping, preparing, and reaping the rewards in the form of a delicious meal or treat... make something special and enjoy it!

2/1/13 1:51 P

Maybe turn it into a treat for yourself once in awhile, 2x a week, instead of everyday? I know depriving myself is not helpful, so I don't cut anything out of my diet, I just enfoce the moderation rule. And, when there's something I think I want to have but know I shouldn't, I say "it's not worth it".

AUDREYUK Posts: 631
2/1/13 1:40 P

If you get whole milk, you could request 2% or skim instead. That would save you calories! You could also order a size smaller. That wouldn't be as traumatic as going cold turkey.

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2/1/13 1:29 P

I don't have much to offer, other than get some self control. Your car is NOT on autopilot, you are the one driving it. That's how I avoided temptations... I just looked at them and said to myself "you don't need that" and would walk away. I didn't want to be fat anymore, so I was going to do everything in my power to make it so I wasn't. If you really want it, you can do it.

Maybe, instead of spending the money on the drink every day, you put that amount into a jar (if using cash) or a savings account (if using your card). Then, once you've hit a certain milestone (a certain weight or whatever), you use that money to buy yourself something nice, like a new pair of great jeans or shoes or take yourself to get a mani/pedi, something like that.

BECCIY Posts: 79
2/1/13 1:10 P

My biggest downfall is Dunkin Donuts Iced Mocha (large). I get one everyday before work and suck on it throughout my shift (i work 3-11p). I know I need to give them up but I just still find myself pulling into dunks, its like my car is on autopilot lol. I'm just wondering how did you all stay away from your worst addiction? I've tried telling myself OMG you don't need to drink all those calories, but most days that is what gets me up close to my calorie range. I am in the process of changing my eating habits by means of eating more, I used to only eat once a day at 6pm and then a snack when I got home at midnight. Sorry i'm rambling. I would love to hear suggestions.

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