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5/10/13 9:21 A

I'm speechless!

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SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
5/10/13 12:32 A

You are not being honest. You are being mean to yourself. And it sounds like your mother's voice is still in your head. A loving mom doesn't call her daughter fat. It sounds like you have had a lot of problems. Have you considered counseling or been screened for depression?

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5/10/13 12:18 A

thanks for the nice words. I just put down the words that other people was thinking. I know what they are thinking for I have been around this kind of thing all my life. I was told this all the time from the time I was 6 yrs old to 35 yrs old. Now my new husband he doesn't say anything unless I ask him so I know he just doesn't care. About Family, Honey, I don't have any, so I don't know what they would say except when my mom was alive and she would tell me that I am fat! She was always honest with me about the way I looked. that was the way my mom was so I now look in the mirror and can see that I am FAT! OLD! & USELESS! for I can't work anymore due to all of my illness the doctors and government put me out to pasture 4 yrs ago. So I am honest with myself. Someone has to be!

5/7/13 10:23 P

Pattianne, emoticon

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5/7/13 8:48 P

Thanks everyone for the advise. I did go to my primary doctor and he gave me a script that stated that I can exercise as long as I have some one with me that is watching me. I gave that to the organization and they are happy. So I have a friend that is going with me & enjoying free exercising except these last 2 weeks I have been fighting Acute bronchitis. I can't seem to win when it comes to my health. Oh! About that other doctor, I am going to a specialist in St. Louis that does nothing but research on sleeping sickness so I am hoping he can help me. I know that some thing has to give for I am about to get to the end of my rope. I am trying my best to not get depressed & that is hard. I can't seem to win. I am always being diagnosis with something new when I think I am getting better. I wish I could go back when I was healthy and able to be fit and slim and not worry about my weight. Not the way I am now. OLD -- FAT -- USELESS!!

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4/28/13 6:56 P

A doctor would not tell you not to exercise unless it is serious. I would take his advice. If it's a life an death situation i would pick life.

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4/28/13 6:52 P

I would get a second opinion. Exercise, especially walking, is one of the best things you can do when you have COPD. Is this a family doctor or a pulmonologist? Pulmonary rehabilitation is strongly suggested for people with COPD. This is a program that combines education and exercise. The exercise portion is overseen by a respiratory therapist who is there to help you learn how to exercise and how to breathe. Please be proactive is persuing this. I also have severe COPD and am fortunate to have a great pulmonary doctor. He is the one who referred me to the rehab program and continues to help me be as "healthy" as I can be. After a lot of hard work, I no longer qualify for a lung transplant as my COPD has improved. Still severe, but better. Good luck with this. Feel free to message me if you'd like more information.


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4/28/13 5:05 P

This is just a shot in the dark, but I think what I would do in this situation is something like this:

Find a personal trainer (or something like that) who is up to speed on full-spectrum health: mind, body, and nutrition. Do a consultation and ask for a recommendation of either a physician or what kind of physician to look for.

Then, going to the new physician, there would be a proposed plan of action from the trainer. Basically, "this is what I want to do, how do I get from here to there?"

I think a typical fitness program would be out of the question. I would expect a really gentle start would be in order, with lots of specific watching for how problems might change.

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4/28/13 4:34 P

Then please get a 2nd opinion. It is very very rare for a doctor to not give the thumbs up for at least SOME activity, especially for vague reasons like "you'll get too tired."

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4/28/13 2:51 P

Thanks but I can't do it by not eating. I am a person that gains weight when I just sit around. I was 130 lbs in 2008 then I had to have 4 major surgeries and gain BIG! Now I need to move and Doc doesn't want me to.

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4/28/13 10:18 A

Get a second opinion and focus on your eating habits.

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4/28/13 8:29 A

You could get a 2nd opinion. I can't believe that a doctor wouldn't clear you for ANY kind of exercise whatsoever.

Fortunately, weight loss is primarily achieved through diet, so you don't need to exercise at all to lose weight.

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4/28/13 8:16 A


Help! I have a chance to exercise with a trainer for free but my doctor is totally against me doing any kind of exercise. He just wants me to sit at home and sleep. I have COPD, Arthritis, & Idiopathic Hypersomia (Sleep a lot). He is afraid that I will make myself to tired and might have a COPD attack and not be able to live through it. I think he is wrong but what can I do. I need to loose weight for sitting around is what got me up to this obese weight. What can I do? HELP!

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