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MMCKIE SparkPoints: (15,819)
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2/11/13 1:48 P

I immediately change from my work clothes to my work-out clothes and I put my walking/running shoes on as well. Otherwise if I have comfy clothes and no shoes then I will automatically be in "slug-mode". I won't allow that until I get my fitness time in!

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,158)
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2/11/13 1:29 P

I use visual imagery all day to get myself psyched for my workout. The busier my schedule the more I am ready by the time I hit the elliptical. If you do a light warm up you get your circulation going and you feel better.

It doesn't hurt to be obsessed with your fitness. I do exercises whenever your time permits. I ran short of time last week after using the elliptical, when my family wanted to go out to dinner. I finished up while getting ready to go out. I did leg raise, lunges, squats and leg extension exercises while showering, putting on my makeup and fixing my hair. I was sore the next day so I know I got a good workout.

Another night after work I started using the elliptical and then finished up in the
living room while watching a movie with the family.

I do butt squeezes in my car or in line at the store. Lifting groceries can count as exercises when it involves large sacks.

Good luck and just get obsessed with it!

2/11/13 12:43 P

Good luck!

FUNNYGIRLJESS SparkPoints: (8,828)
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2/10/13 12:56 P

thank you all SO MUCH for the positive feedback and encouragement!

NO i do not work out for 2 hours at the end of the day, i was just trying to stress the point that "2hrs" before bedtime, is when I can get a workout...and thus, super low on energy.

i can NOT wake up extra early, but those of you that do....awesome! you are strong and dedicated!
all the momma's that could relate, my heart goes out to you too!

i will look into vitamins and filling up on better nutrition

ALIHIKES Posts: 3,137
2/9/13 7:56 P

Jess, you are going through a very rough time with so many demands on your energy. I do work out at night before bed most days during the work week. I freely admit that my most frequent workouts are when I am watching television. I dance zumba steps, I walk in place (and jog up and down my short hallway during commercial breaks), and I have light weights for strength training. A half hour when I'm moving instead of sitting on the sofa, and I'm done.

GOODWITCH333 SparkPoints: (13,321)
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2/9/13 12:36 P

Where is your husband in all of this? Is he helping with the kids?

You are expecting WAY too much of yourself. Forget the gym for the next five years. Be active with your kids. Exercise in 10-15 minute spurts throughout the day. You are burning yourself out and stressing yourself out. A stressed out, exhausted Mum can not be good for the kids. Cut yourself some slack.

MOINSDEMOI Posts: 1,513
2/9/13 11:52 A

FUNNYGIRLJESS - Is it possible for you to work out at home during the day with your kids with an exercise DVD? Then you get a workout and your kids get one, too. If you are tired, is it possible to go to bed earlier?

MULDERPEN SparkPoints: (39,811)
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2/9/13 11:16 A

I like to workout after a day at work, but I need to be home and on the treadmill or taking a walk outside if weather allows before 8:15pm. I work 12 hour shifts so that also leaves me 4 other days to workout if I get home late or have really worked my legs off that day. Through the day I think of myself getting out of my car, into my home, putting on my workout clothes and jumping right into it. I make a build up to how great I will feel after the workout. It certainly relieves stress from the day, prevents me from after dinner snacking and believe it or not, I sleep really well. When I am home, my favorite times to workout are 10:00am or 2pm. I do get up early daily as well.

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,079
2/8/13 1:56 P

I am mostly dead tired at the end of the day so most times I need a very strong will to workout at the end of the day. But I do sometimes and sometimes, I do my thing in the morning before my body wakes up.

I think it is really easier logging your minutes in the morning, than struggling to do so later. You can however go light at the end of the day, by this I mean maybe any high intensity in the mornings when the energy is still fresh and strong and a low impact or relaxing workout like yoga and stretching at the end of the day.

All in all, I believe your will is your power.

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ANYANP2 SparkPoints: (2,357)
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2/8/13 1:47 P

Most likely what is happening is that you are over exercising. People think that busting your ass exercising is the only way to lose weight... but this approach does not work for everyone.
Like you it didnt work for me, I ended up exhausted and didnt lose much, if any, fat at all.
You should work out how many cals you are burning during your normal daily activities... 9 times out of 10 if you are a busy mum, it will be more than enough to lose weight with a proper healthy diet.
When you over exercise (especially during times where you have no energy left) you can put your body into what my doctor called "starvation mode". This is when your body does not use stored energy (so doesnt burn fat).
When I gave up the over exercising and just ate right while keeping active I lost over 5kgs in my first month.

Give it a try for a week and see how you feel. If your doing everything right you should be feeling excellent... not drained. I feel better now than I did in October when I started my weightloss journey. I now bounce out of bed every morning and feel energised all day.

Also... its not a bad thing to take a break now and then. I have just had a month holiday from losing weight and have been able to maintain that whole time... I am now back into the weightloss.

LUCKYNUMBER23 SparkPoints: (12,425)
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2/8/13 1:12 P

Because I know that after I exercise, I will have more energy.

AMYEBEE1924 SparkPoints: (13,117)
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2/8/13 1:07 P

For days I just feel like no excercise at all, I save my WII. If I challenge my husband to a game of bowling, that usually revs me up and then we will do a work out together, usually the Dance Party, silly but fun and it will make you sweat. It is nice that he recognizes the challenges I have with a full time job and all the requirements of taking care of dinner and home call for and is encouraging about it all. Time and time again I have read to turn excercise time into play time and it definately works for my lifestyle and it gets my husband off the couch and excercising with me. It might not be the most strenuous excercise but I am active and not sitting like a blob that night.

SURESH_AK SparkPoints: (4,943)
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2/8/13 12:16 A


HAWTLIKEME SparkPoints: (21,813)
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2/7/13 1:22 P

If it's after 8pm, I know I just won't have any energy to do it, so I do my best to arrange my schedule to get a workout in before my "deadline".

2/7/13 11:30 A

A trick I do for my workouts when I don't have the energy for them or don't feel like doing them, is I tell myself I will get through just the first 5 minutes of the workout. Most of the time I don't even realize when 5 minutes is up and I go through half the workout before realizing it. But if I do realize the first 5 minutes are up, I have already started and don't want to quit so I keep going. Just get moving and you will see how your mindset changes.

RUTHIE254 Posts: 262
2/7/13 11:09 A

Inaffitt319 is right. Don't even try for a "big" workout. Just shoot for 10 minutes and you'll see changes.

ELIZABETHWCREW SparkPoints: (546)
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2/7/13 11:01 A

I try to change my clothes and get ready to go work out (I don't belong to a gym, so I walk the dog/attempt to slowly jog/do circuts in the living room) the second I get home from work. If I sit down and check email, call my sister, etc, it's all over.

2/7/13 10:26 A

normally i love working out in the evening - it helps me eat less at dinner (i can't run or do heavy cardio on a full stomach), it gives me something to look forward to all day long, and it gives me a much needed break from my 3 very demanding munchkins (plus the other 3 i watch during the day). but since i don't drive, and it has been a miserable ontario winter, i have been really struggling with being motivated to work out at home in the evening :(

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,615
2/7/13 9:13 A

I used to workout in the evenings but had to miss too many because of client commitments. When I did, I used the gym directly accross the street from my office so there was no excuse to go home first. I would suggest find a place between work and home and taking your gym back with you, that lessens the chance that you will get home and decide you're too tired to go.

MOMMYOF2RN Posts: 579
2/6/13 7:11 P

If possible try getting up a little earlier and doing a 20 minute video, incorporate the children in your exercise through out the day, brisk walking is fun. But if you are determined to go at night eat a energy bar/shake 2 hours prior to going to the gym.... emoticon

35BYMAY SparkPoints: (1,477)
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2/6/13 6:53 P

I feel the same way at the end of the day, but after chasing my kid all day, I welcome the gym and the solace!! even though I am exhausted, I still look forward to getting out of the house and being ALONE lol. I always feel good after I go, no matter how tired I am walking in

2/6/13 5:28 P

Up tempo Music, a pre-pack bad, and thinking about consequences of not working out.

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (69,126)
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2/6/13 2:22 P

One way to do that is to start out for a 10 minute workout. Often you will find you have energy to work out at least half an hour at the end of that 10 minutes. If you don't, fine, you worked out for 10 minutes, better than nothing.

JHAUTA94 SparkPoints: (1,764)
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Posts: 27
2/6/13 2:00 P

This is what I have been doing on days Im way to busy or no energy to get to gym or use treadmill
Check out this youtube channel

There are a lot of 10 minute exercises to choose from- there are arm exercises, leg, full body, core, stretching you name it but its great 10 different exercises in 10 minutes.


1MANKNEY SparkPoints: (18,714)
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2/6/13 12:01 P

I find it much better to exercise in the morning. But, if I have to exercise at the end of the day, I promise myself that I will take a nice soaker bath with a good book and put on my jammies as soon as the exercise is done! I find a little bribery works for me. (Oh, some people call it a reward system!)

DEE0973 Posts: 1,517
2/6/13 8:48 A

That's hard when there is so much beckoning to you at the end of day. I know for me its homework, dinner, baths, etc. So I get my workout in during the day at work or some mornings at home.

For those days when I work out in the evening, I involve my family. Yesterday while the boys rode their bikes, hubby and I jogged/walked behind them and we got 2 miles in.

HAILEYLW SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,753)
Posts: 13
2/6/13 8:18 A

Does your gym have any classes at in the evening? It might be easier to find some motivation if you had a class that you really enjoy to look forward to!

BANDOMOM1 SparkPoints: (3,254)
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Posts: 337
2/5/13 3:47 P

I just started herbal life 24, they are to rebulid strenghth, endurance & re hydrate you after workouts. they are great.

DEFFUZZ Posts: 26
2/5/13 2:48 P

Could you break up the workout throughout the day? 15 minutes here and there will have the same benefits as a longer block of uninterrupted exercise.

CJMORGAN1979 SparkPoints: (1,028)
Fitness Minutes: (375)
Posts: 19
2/5/13 2:44 P

i seem to have no energy all the time...meaning i never seem to have any regardless of time of day! I have no kids and no job which might be a lot of the problem. Also worrying about hurting myself due to the hip displasia does not help, and paying $1,000 plus a month for family health insurance thru hubby's work leaves little extra money for paying for fitness related things. I did join a low impact senior aroebics class that costs $15 for 7 weeks....and a senior yoga class for $20 for 7 weeks...I am not a senior, far from it, but was still allowed to sign up. They are offered through my local community center. I really have a hard time doing anything including things I like I wonder if it's depression sometimes.

KENAMORA SparkPoints: (140,427)
Fitness Minutes: (48,698)
Posts: 2,696
2/5/13 1:28 P

I usually drink a cup of coffee and some energy-charged snack one hour before my workout.

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 7,140
2/5/13 12:47 P

does your gym offer child care? if they did, yo could take the children with you and plan your workout earlier in the day.

JELYFI Posts: 3
2/4/13 11:14 P

Hey Jess,

I hear where you're coming from. My kids are 19 months apart, and I never felt like there was enough time in the day to do anything. They're 8 and 10 now, so it's a little bit easier, but I'm still not able to get to the gym until 9pm. I have two jobs, and then between cooking/cleaning/running them to their activities, there's just no time. It's really hard for me to get off the couch some nights, but I start by just telling myself to get into my workout clothes...putting on my sports bra really does help. Then I tell myself just to get in the car. Once I'm in the car, I'm usually OK, because I'll get to the gym and get on the treadmill and from there, I'm OK.

I agree that tracking your food is a biggie! It's made a huge difference in what I eat and how much of it I eat.

Hang in there! Once you get into a routine, you'll actually look forward to going to the gym and getting a little bit of alone time!

EASTENDCLAM Posts: 2,546
2/4/13 6:49 P

Several replies about B12. Doc just put me on the sublingual (at my age apparently the stomach doesn't absorb it well) but I certainly don't have an energy level problem. So, in any case upping yours can't hurt as, was pointed out, your body will excrete any excess.

KMM1313 SparkPoints: (3,468)
Fitness Minutes: (1,301)
Posts: 5
2/4/13 4:12 P

I have run into the same problem; however, kids are not a factor for me. I do work a full time job though which means I only have time in the evenings as well. I work an hour away from my house, so after I leave work and drive that hour home the gym is the furthest thing from my mind. I have found that if I keep busy until it is time to go to the gym; I usually have a bit more energy to go. Also, I have my back up plan; when I don't feel like driving to the gym I used a workout DVD or short TV workout. I have Xfinity OnDemand; which has a ton of fun and quick personal favorite being cardio kick-boxing. Also, if you found a "workout buddy" that makes you obligated to someone; which I have found makes me more motivated to workout because I don't want to let them down.

COREY04 Posts: 80
2/4/13 3:36 P

Allow me to share what worked for me when my kids were little: I used to incorporate them into my workout, They sat on my feet for leg raises. I have even used their little bodies to do bicep curls. I had them in a stroller and roller bladed behind them (3 miles a day).
I am sure we turned some heads.
Now I go to the gym at noon twice a week where I run for 3.5 miles. Fridays I run 5 miles at the gym on a trweadmill. Saturdays I ski or hike. I do yoga at least once a week, and might spend an additional hour on the elliptical on the remaining day.
In the morning I do 45 push ups and a 2 min plank. At night, three times a week, I do 15 min of abs. I think even with little ones, you can squeeze in a min here or there to do a set. When I was married, my husband was a State Trooper, translation: I was a single mom even when I was married.
Now my kids are older. We ski (they snowboard), we snowshoe, we kayak and we hike together. They kick my butt at pretty much every outdoor activity, and trying to do a better job at keeping up with them, is at the core of my workout motivation. Along the way, they have learned the importance of incorporating fitness into their daily lives.
I hope this helps. emoticon Along the way, please remember to keep smiling and to love every day with the kids. They grow up way too fast.

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NADDY23 Posts: 77
2/4/13 1:47 P

I would say - get to the gym. I tend to exercise in the morning, and that way it is done, but if I don't manage to do it in the morning for whatever reason, I would have to force myself to do it in the evening. If I were to stop by the gym, I think that would be half the battle.

FOURREDONEBROWN SparkPoints: (22,270)
Fitness Minutes: (13,648)
Posts: 819
2/4/13 11:13 A

Sublingual B-12!!!!

CILER11 Posts: 265
2/4/13 10:40 A

I have the same problem. I work full time, go to graduate school full time, have a daughter in two sports, and do a lot of volunteer work so fitting exercise in is difficult. I have found that if I get myself to the gym then I am golden. I will start with a small goal of only ten to twenty minutes, then talk myself into more. I have found myself saying I can do anything for 10 minutes, 5 minutes, etc. Also doing ten minute spurts during the day might help, three ten minutes spurts adds up to a thirty minute workout.

2/4/13 6:08 A

I had the same problem. I'll usually feel energized at noon, but by the time I get off from work in the late afternoon, I'm wiped out. I've managed to sidestep this by having a snack about an hour before I leave work and doing a short workout (20min max) as soon as I get home. Usually, after dinner, I'll have enough energy to do another 20min-workout, but I live alone, so I get to rest! :)

2/3/13 7:39 P

I put on my sports bra the second i get home lol.Once it's on i just pop in that dvd and get to work! Usually i eat dinner first cuz its a long break between lunch and dinner. AFter an hour, i make sure to keep moving (cleaning etc) then work out. Otherwise if i eat and sit down, game overrrr lol. emoticon

SHAMBA17 Posts: 15
2/3/13 7:39 P

You are already doing a lot during the day. My best suggestion would be to find a more intense workout program for 30 min and maybe add Vit. B12 for energy. The Vit. B12 was suggested to me by my trainer, doctor and other friends. With B12, that what your body does not need will pass through. I use the dots I put underneath my tongue.

JMOUSE99 SparkPoints: (158,243)
Fitness Minutes: (90,124)
Posts: 5,976
2/3/13 7:31 P

I never have energy or the slightest desire to workout at the end of the day. That's why I get up at 4am to exercise!

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,641)
Fitness Minutes: (23,602)
Posts: 827
2/3/13 5:57 P

When my twins were babies, i had a hard time finding time to shower, much less be at the gym two hours a day. maybe start a little smaller-a 1/2 hour workout 3 times a week.

nutrition is a big part of weight loss, so make sure you are tracking and eating enough. (which can be hard with little ones.) make sure you are getting enough veggies.

small changes add up to big things. don't be discouraged.

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FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,207
2/3/13 4:46 P

I had to start having a snack so that I would have energy for the gym - recommendation of a trainer.

NICKYCRANE SparkPoints: (84,271)
Fitness Minutes: (45,297)
Posts: 1,317
2/3/13 2:05 P

You hit the gym for TWO HOURS???!!!! That's an incredible achievement!
How about setting your sights lower? The right amount of exercise energises, too much just drains and depresses. And running naround after small kids is also exercise, in my opinion! Have you the funds to invest in a fitbit or something like that? You might be surprised to see how many cals you are burning apart fro m workouts at the gym!

INAFFIT319 SparkPoints: (11,116)
Fitness Minutes: (3,161)
Posts: 264
2/3/13 2:04 P

I have to agree with SAILOR64. The most important part of weight loss is nutrition. Manage that. Track and stay within your goals - everyday! Eating right, will improve your energy. Once you've accomplished that for a week or so, try adding exercise.

Not too long ago, I was struggling to fit exercise in as well. I did the 10 minutes a day workout challenge on here, and could not believe the difference it made it me, my energy improved, my attitude towards exercise improved, and I lost weight! It is true that even small amounts of exercise count! Is there a 10 minute pocket of time when you could fit a little something in? Maybe when the babies are sleeping?? ( they EVER sleep at the same time???)

Just remember that YOU come first. When mommy's happy, everyone's happy. Take care of yourself and do what you can!

SAILOR64 SparkPoints: (19,830)
Fitness Minutes: (6,854)
Posts: 519
2/3/13 11:11 A

Dear Jess,

Chasing a little boy around and caring for twin babies? No wonder you don't have any energy left at the end of the day. I remember my mother being in the same position with us kids, and I'm sorry to say, it doesn't get any easier.

I went to your sparkpage and reviewed your exercise and nutrition entries. Not much there by the way. There is an old saying, "You can't get where you're going if you don't know where you've been." I know your are very busy so I'd like to make the following simple suggestions:

1. Track your food for a week. This is extremely important, because then you can look back and see what you've been eating and see what adjustments you can make toward eating more foods that boost your energy levels.

2. Get as much rest as possible. I don't need to tell you about organizing your day, but don't neglect yourself and your needs. If you are tired and frazzled all of the time, you won't be as effective during the day.

3. Make your children part of your exercise routine. Take them for a walk in the stroller or get one of those strollers that hooks onto the back of your bike and go for a ride. Be creative.

4. Finally, I know it's hard, but take some "me" time. It's important to recharge your mental batteries as well as your physical ones. Even 15 minutes of quiet time spent stretching or doing yoga a couple of times every day can invigorate the mind as well as the body. There are videos on Sparkpeople you can do.

I wish you all the best. You have a lovely family.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (149,133)
Fitness Minutes: (142,306)
Posts: 14,385
2/3/13 10:31 A

If it's not working for you at the end of the day, is it at all possible to get up 15 min earlier? You'll at least have more energy then.

FUNNYGIRLJESS SparkPoints: (8,828)
Fitness Minutes: (5,644)
Posts: 340
2/3/13 10:19 A

My schedule does not open up for work-outs until the end of the day.
I am out of energy.
I chase kids around all day, clean and cook in the evening, and I hit the gym about 2 hours before bedtime.
I can NOT fit in a workout at any other time of the day.

How do I find energy to lose weight!?
I am really struggling after about 6months of strength training and running/eliptical. I try to ''PUSH" myself, but I am so worn out!
I feel like I'm getting nowhere.

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