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11/20/12 5:59 P

I get sports massages that are targeted to my sore muscles after workouts. My masseuse has a wall of celebrity headshots thanking her for helping heal their sore muscles, and lots of them are from famous actors who were in town filming action movies. I wouldn't discount massage!

It sounds to me like you just need to keep busy. If you've got time to eat more food after you've already eaten, you've got time to read a book, learn a language, do some house repairs, volunteer, etc. Idle hands and all that.

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11/20/12 2:33 P

Maybe. I can't really see myself meditating or doing yoga, or getting a massage haha. Could be something else I'm sure. Maybe tied into being a bit homesick for my friends at college. I've been on a co-op (internship you take time off school for) the past 6 months and only have about 4 weeks left

And maybe its just me being an idiot, and needing to man up and tell myself I can't stuff my stomach right now. Hopefully the holiday season is what I need :) And after this last tournament, I don't know when or if the next time I'll compete will be since I'm moving back to college. So I'll lose the need to remain within cutting range of featherweight and my motivations for not putting fat back on will be more like everyone else's. Health and appearance.

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11/20/12 2:23 P

I have a nice cup of tea or diet-friendly hot chocolate. Fills me up and is tasty!

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11/20/12 2:14 P

Well then, maybe the things I listed would help you when you're not training; as a de-stresser. It's such a common problem for people to fill the need for comfort when stressed with food. So the trick would be to find something positive or neutral and healthy (for the mind and soul) to provide comfort in order to cope with daily stresses.

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11/20/12 1:55 P

No, when I'm prepping there's actually less stress. I have a very firm set goal that I NEED to achieve and that makes everything easier. I don't have any temptation to overeat, and I won't next week as I make sure I'm good to go at featherweight. The problem comes once I'm eating 2000 calories and don't have an immediate goal. Then I get side tracked by all sorts of temptations (office donuts, eating out multiple times per week) which will ultimately lead to closet binging on my part.

Maybe its that I can push all the other stress in my life to the back seat when I have a competition coming up, but when I don't the little things get to me? After Dec 1st, I'm going to try and learn how to just eat normally. Not pre-plan 90% of my meals. Although with me, the idea of just eating when I'm hungry is scary in multiple ways.

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11/20/12 1:48 P

Ahh ok. Do you experience more stress when you're training and preparing for a tournament?

Maybe some mediatition, massage, yoga or something else you enjoy that's relaxing? Another outlet for comfort other than the fridge.

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11/20/12 1:40 P

Oh, that's just for right now. I'm fighting in a Bjj tournament the week after thanksgiving, so to help make weight I figured why not drop for a week now to make cutting the thanksgiving bloat off in 5 days a little easier. This was just more like a general question to help give me strategies for why sometimes I just feel the need to eat to being beyond full.

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11/20/12 1:23 P

It appears you are maintaining your current weight, so why are you still eating the same amount of calories you would eat to lose weight? Just curious because I'm a girl, 5'2 and at my goal weight of 110 lbs (and my current activity level) I'll be eating around 1800-1900 cals to maintain. You're only eating around 1500-1600 cals which is only about 150-200 cals more than I eat right now, losing weight. 1500 cals is the lowest a man should eat *when losing weight* if you're maintaining, I'd imagine you should be eating around 2000 (if you don't workout, more if you do).

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11/20/12 9:05 A

Yeah, its definitely not hunger related, so I'm trying to figure out how to fight it. It is honestly like a quest to feel fully and completely full that just won't leave me. Last time it hit, I had already eaten at a church potluck dinner (so lots of carby sides and I had about 3-4 desserts because I justified it as my cheat meal in my head) Then when I got home, I still wanted more in the eveneing. Sparring you the details, it ended with me eating 2 protein bars and 3 cliff bars because that was litteraly all i had left in the apartment after going through the better tasting stuff before then.

That's a good idea stephen. Broccoli doesn't quite fill me up, but brussel sprouts are heavier and I'm loving them. Great for when I'm losing the last few pounds to weigh in as they aren't a horribly starchy veggie like corn, but still filling like I had eaten rice or pasta and without the carb bloat. Keeping one of those family sized steamable things of brussels in the freezer would be a very good Idea I think. That'll do a heck of a job of filling me up and is only about 500 very good and filling calories. Thanks man, that can be my crutch for now I think. This bingeing side of me is the one thing I still need to get under control now that I'm in the shape I want to be.

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11/20/12 8:42 A

Let's face it - most of us here who have been/are over-weight, with the exception of those who have seriously gimped thyroid and metabolism problems, could spend several hours and thousands of dollars on a shrink's couch and conclude that we have psychological issues that contribute to over-eating. It would be so rampant here at Sparks as to almost be assumed when you log in. I could be president of that club.

In the meantime, and short of time spent on the couch or gentle reflection, what to do when the urge hits to binge or over-eat or when the hunger won't go away? Right or wrong, I give in to it and stuff my face with veggies...fibrous, green bulky veggies that have alot of volume. My go-to stuff-my-face 'cause the hunger won't leave food is broccoli or brussels sprouts while chugging water till I grow gills. Not a solution without side effects, but not horrible either.

I feel your pain.

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11/20/12 8:33 A

Nirerin gave some good points.

It is possible that it is not really hunger that's driving you to eat, or want to eat, but something else entirely.

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11/20/12 8:02 A

if you're already full, i'd look to non-food reasons why you're "hungry" and try to start finding ways to address those instead. are you bored? angry? sad? do you simply feel you deserve more? try to figure out what the trigger is and how to address it without food.

beyond that, are you making sure that your deficit is decreasing as you lose weight? if you're going too aggressively it may be your body's way of getting more food in whatever way it can. also look at your food spacing. i know if i go too long without food i try to inhale anything that is nearby, even if i know what i ate should get me back to where i need to be. and then i end up uncomfortably full as i won't stop eating until i already feel full.

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11/20/12 7:48 A

So, if I'm getting a craving for something sweet, I can hold it off with a piece of fruit. Something salty, I go for nuts. Something thick and creamy has been bothering me lately since its fast approaching winter, but I'm seeing warmed skim milk working there, or throwing a little half and half in my coffee.

But what do I do when I hit that point where all I want is more food? I mean, I'm already full, and I just want to eat more and more and become completely full. So many times the only thing I can do is go to bed, and then lay awake because I want to get up and eat. But if I try to eat something I'm good for 5 minutes, and then I want more, stronger. Does this kind of thing happen to anyone else? It has led to some brutally large binges in the past and I'm worried about thanksgiving. I don't mind going way over on the thanksgiving meal, but I don't want to continue eating cookies and snacks in the evenings in this horrible quest to achieve fullness.

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