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4/14/14 5:10 P

I just count the calories of the food I am juicing.

Simplelife2 ...if you have never juiced I would highly recommend it. Nothing tastes better than freshly juiced fruits and vegetables, an excellent and easy way to take in lots of veggies, keeps you sooooo regular and gives me an energy boost that is better than coffee without the jitters. I juice 3-4 mornings a week and everyone in the house gets a fresh glass of wholesome goodness!

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
4/14/14 12:37 P

I'm curious to know why you are juicing, how you incorporate it into your eating plan and what benefits do you hope to gain?

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4/14/14 11:47 A

I'd take the opposite approach and find nutrient amounts for the actual juice of the vegetables that you are using. The whole vegetable has fiber and other nutrients that get stripped out by the juicing process (unless you're eating the pulp as well at some point).

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
4/14/14 11:34 A

I just add the veggies and fruits the same way I would if it was a salad instead of a juice.

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4/14/14 10:27 A

Can anyone tell me how to count the fruits and veggies that I use for my juicing.

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