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Identify what you binge on and remove it from your house, car, workplace, wherever. Substitute supplies of healthy choices in all those locations.

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7/9/14 11:08 P

I used to binge, but by binge I mean 5000-8000 calories for " 4th meal ". It had nothing to do with eating too fast, and not realizing I was full. I would be full, and unable to stop eating even though my stomach actually hurt.

I found that it was mostly certain carbs. I started low carb, and my binges stopped. Of course, not all the carbs caused binges, but most people binge on carbs, and paying attention to which foods cause these binges, can be helpful. Even if you want to eat carbs ( not do low carb ), you can cut out the carbs that cause these cravings, and replace them with carbs that do not.

Sugar, bread, cereal, and noodles cause me to binge, but I have no issue with potatoes, beans, fruit, or vegetables ( besides corn ). With a few changes you can make those binges go away. Maybe changing to brown rice from noodles will do the trick. Record your meals, and when you have a binge, look back at the food that caused it, and test those foods to see if you binge whenever you eat them. Take your time, and be sure. You want to cut out foods that cause binges, but also don't want to cut out foods that aren't a problem by mistake. Once you are sure, cut those foods out, replace them with another food, and you will hopefully be done with your binges.

I thew out all the carbs, but as I started adding back in carbs, I have had to be careful to not trigger those cravings, since I didn't pay attention to what caused them, so I learned that years after starting low carb. It is better to learn the few carbs or any other food, that causes these binges, and then fashion your diet with the foods that are left, which will have more variety than my initial low carb diet.

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7/9/14 8:50 P

figure out what is different between now and then. once you know the why that can help you curb the problem. are you worried about the future and eating now because it's free and there? did you have your place at school meticulously planned so that you didn't have to see temptations and now they are everywhere? are you perchance more active at home and actually need more calories? if you're still eating about the same number of calories but more of those calories come from desserts what did you cut out? junkier calories can prime you to eat more junky calories. are you off schedule and therefore not taking the time to plan meals and getting stuck grabbing what is nearby at the last minute when you realize you are hungry?

also, what are you calling a binge? is it two cookies or 2 22oz packages of cookies?

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Hi, binging is a very common problem. You are not necessarily hungry but the food is there... Most often binges can start when you are hungry and you eat so fast that your body doesn't have time to realize how full you are until it is too late. Mindless eating can also lead to over eating and messing with your diet and weight goals. Try drinking a full glass of water before you eat, this will help you feel full faster, plus drinking more water is always good. Also, portion out your food ahead of time. If you are indulging in some chips instead of taking the whole bag to your seat get a smaller bowl and portion out how much you want to eat paying attention to the serving size. If you feel that you are in the middle of a binge or that you are going to binge put down the food and chug some water then wait a bit, distract yourself from food then you will be able to tell if you are eating because you are still hungry or if you are just eating for the sake of eating. Also, if you have foods that you have a hard time not eating marathon style don't buy them or see if you can buy them in smaller portions that may not be as economical but are more practical. Hope this helps!

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7/9/14 7:32 P

I've gotten to my goal weight, and have been able to maintain it for the past 6 months or so. I'm worried, though, because in the few months that I've graduated from college my eating habits have started to decline. While at school, I was able to limit my meals and stay full as well as limit my desserts to just weekends. Now that I'm home I've been binge-ing on food. While I've been exercising and keeping my weight constant, I'm afraid that I'm setting myself up for failure by allowing myself to binge. Any suggestions?

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