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3/4/12 7:38 A

Thanks for the tip Nancy! I updated my weight previously, but had forgotten how.

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3/4/12 12:25 A

Thank You Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

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3/3/12 7:54 P


If you need to change your starting weight, you will want to go to your Start Page (you can select it from the My Trackers drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of your page). Then scroll down to the My Goals and Progress section in the orange left hand column. Where it reads go from X to X by such and such date, change, click on the change link and there you can plug in your new weight.

As for your weight loss graph, that is something that you will have to set up. It is not automatic. To do so, go to your account/email preferences link on your Start Page and then click on the Community tab. Then scroll down to the Set up signature and ticker options button...this will take you to the page where you can set up your ticker and icon.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

OHMYGOD49 SparkPoints: (14,309)
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3/3/12 7:41 P

I started Spark and then went on a long absence for one reason or another, but point is......................I did my accessement but did not put my weight in because the numbers were from the first time I started and not when I I don't know how to change that so that is why I have no tracker right now. I cannot seem to put all new numbers/weight tracker in when I came back. Any suggestions? emoticon

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