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My Polar F4 does not ask for exercise type, merely calculates burn based on HR and my inputted stats.

However, I do want to point out, that using 1lb hand weights is generally unsafe. Also, the point of warming up is to slowly build up to your target HR, not to get there quickly. If you just want to leap there quickly just do jumping jacks. You'll be at target HR within a minute. But that's not really an appropriate warmup.

Walking with hand weights:

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Step is aerobics. It's just aerobic exercise involving a step! No HRM I've ever used asks for a category, but my experience is not exhaustive.

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Hello all!

I am not sure how other HRMs work. I own a Beurer PM62 and I have input my data such as age, weight, height, sex into it. It also has software to view your data and run reports. I have been doing the Wii Advanced step and use one lb hand weights to help me get into my targeted heart range sooner. After I work out I transfer my data and it asks me to categorize my type of work out in order to calculate my calories burned. I have selected the category of Aerobics, however, I feel as though it really is not. I was wondering if I should just categorize it as walking, it does not have a category for step. What would you do? Also, since I am not familiar with other brands of HRMs do they ask for the category of training information to be input in order to calculate the calories burned?

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