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Hi Barbara! emoticon

I have been struggling with weight loss also, since I have joined peri-menopause team I have learned a lot about the symptoms of it and weight gain is an issue with a lot of people that I have read posts.......
That being said, it matters what you eat also. I have been a junk food junkie for a long time so I have to be determined to be healthy and resist temptations to GO CRAZY when I eat! My doc put me on a diet in hopes to help me lose weight, This diet consists of Fish, chicken, fruits and veggies and nuts. The doc hopes it will help with my energy level.....Also I am cutting back on bad carbs and planning healthy snacks 2 -3 per day...........And drinking more water helps.....
emoticon Starting to go down, boy I hope I am finally on the right track!


I have lead a life of mostly being a couch potato sooooo now I am incorporating exercise daily- Trying to go for a walk every day and have been trying to go to Gym 1x per week! Hope I have been helpful

7/6/13 11:01 A

What is your best advice for a person with a yo-yo pattern of weight loss/gain? I've been losing and gaining weight my entire adult life. I want it to stop. I've done well just to have the cycle reverse and gain all the weight back. This time around I am within a fraction of a pound of my all-time high weight. A pending doctor's appointment put me back on track once again.


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