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5/3/12 3:38 P

The difference is 6 calories. You have bigger problems.

Remember all figures are estimates. You will never be exact. You will have MUCH larger errors in your daily log from mismeasurements, inaccurate figures, guessing, and using substitutions.

Really, this isn't worth spending any mental power on. If you've got the macronutrient figures for the 1 serving but not for the 1 cup, then divide the 1 serving by 4.5 and use that.

Deb, in New Zealand
JENMC14 Posts: 2,711
5/3/12 2:22 P

I have a bag of popcorn. It says 1 serving ins 2 T unpopped, or approximately 4.5 cups. One serving is 140 calories. It also says that 1 cup popped is 25 calories. However, 25 calories x 4.5 cups = 112.5 calories. That's almost a 30 calorie difference between the other amount given. Which is more accurate? The one cup popped since the other is "approximately" 4.5 cups? Then, since it only gives calories for the one cup popped, how would I figure fat, carbs, etc. since my initial thought would be to divide the number given for one serving by 4.5 to get a 1 cup amount, but clearly, the two serving amounts given are off from each other.

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