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How to Stop Afternoon Hunger Attack!!!!!!!!!

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Posts: 822
9/8/10 6:45 P

Eat something!!!!!!!

Posts: 56
9/8/10 6:43 P

Thank you everyone. Today i eat one fruit with Protein. I noticed that i need to eat more protein in my diet. I am not meat eater, I am trying to get protein from beans & veggies. Every day i learn some thing new. I am lactose intolerance. Do you know any good protein powder that i can try? which is without any artificial sugar & other stuff. I am looking for natural Protein Powder.

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Posts: 943
9/8/10 5:11 P

I find that if I eat a piece of chicken without the skin or tuna or any other lean protein that I am not hungry or it takes longer to get hungry after eating lunch. IF you aren't eating lean protein bump it up and see what happens. I think you'll notice a difference.

Posts: 6,363
9/8/10 5:04 P

I have found it helpful (for myself) to eat a larger lunch than I was used to. I eat about 450 to 500 calories and I usually eat lunch at 1:00 p.m. I include protein, a vegetable, a fruit and some type of carbohydrate in the form of crackers or bread.
This usually holds me until Dinner time. If I do need a snack somedays, I choose nuts or string cheese - a little more protein with healthy fat.

Posts: 2,510
9/8/10 2:59 P

I usually eat a Kashi TLC bar around 2pm, and that usually holds me over til dinner time.

Posts: 1,334
9/8/10 2:54 P

Make sure you eat foods with enough protein throughout the day.

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Posts: 1,625
9/8/10 1:41 P

you need to eat more.....the calories you're burning in your exercise is not being replenished properly...

you need carbs and protein to replenlish and to keep you fueled throughout the day.....

Posts: 516
9/8/10 1:39 P

keep a piece of fruit, cheese(laughing cow light) and crackers or a pack of instant oatmeal (strawberries and cream is my favorite) around. All are low cal and filling!

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Posts: 189
9/8/10 1:35 P

I pack some fruit for a mid-day snack, a good apple or banana for example. Or sometimes I will opt for a small energy bar. Clif makes 100 calorie mini bars that I find make a great way to satisfy a quick sweet craving.

Posts: 554
9/8/10 1:28 P

Are you eating enough calories at breakfast and lunch? I agree having a healthy snack. One that has a balance of nutrients will also help keep you satisfied.

Posts: 1,898
9/8/10 12:49 P

I have a piece of fruit and 7 almonds. That holds me until dinner. I normally have it around 3:30, too. :)

Posts: 471
9/8/10 10:22 A

How to beat it? Easy- have a healthy snack! I usually have a Kashi bar as my afternoon snack.

Posts: 464
9/7/10 5:04 P


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Posts: 704
9/7/10 4:59 P

I get it too and I must have something healthy on hand or I'll eat anything nearby! I always keep a piece of fruit at my desk. I have been bringing cereal from time to time. Sometimes I'll just have a big diet coke if I am feeling bottomless. The bubbles slow me down a little.
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Posts: 1,572
9/7/10 4:54 P

No - I get it too. I have an apple with some reduced fat cheddar for a protein hit, or celery with a TBS of peanut butter, or celery with the reduced fat cheddar.

Posts: 1,375
9/7/10 4:53 P

I balance my calories each day so I can have something like a granola or cereal bar. It's a little sweet, but a lot healthier. You can always buy some salted almonds if you need something salty. I like a nice, not too ripe banana dipped in crushed almonds. Sweet, nutty fix for the afternoon.

Otherwise, I'll take a huge drink of water and then exercise the hunger craving away, but I'm fortunate to be home from work by this time.

You're not alone, though. Plan for this attack by having something a little healthier around for yourself.

Posts: 7,229
9/7/10 4:53 P

Looking at your food tracker, looks like you aren't eating up to your calorie range in any case. Why not have a banana and some yogurt?

It doesn't work long term to be hungry. We succeed better if we don't allow ourselves to get too ravenous.

Posts: 56
9/7/10 4:47 P

How to beat the mid-afternoon slump & Hunger Attack!!!!
That comes around 3.30itis. Around that time "Sudden hunger" hits me and I feel as if I need a candy bar, chips or something loaded with butter and calories. I do drink water and tea without sugar, but that is not satisfy me.
Is just me only or someone else that problem too.

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