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YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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11/20/12 12:14 P

Good work Vegetarianist. My weight went back down to where it was last week too, after a day of eating a bit lighter and drinking a ton of water.

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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11/20/12 8:41 A

So glad we could help and you heard us about not worrying about the carb and sodium bloat :) Keep it up and I'll say something I saw on this site and it has become my battle cry for the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are individual holiDAYs, not holiMONTHs. I plann on fully pigging out on turkey day itself for the meal. But I don't need to be the one to clean up all the leftovers and graze on cookies that night and the following days. Keep up the great work!

TMORRIS13 Posts: 1,142
11/20/12 8:38 A

Thank you all for your help! When I stepped on the scale after my "bad" weekend, I weighed 4 lbs higher!! But then after drinking a ton of water and eating healthy, this morning I'm down 5 lbs from yesterday! I ended up losing net 1 lb and it was hidden by excess sodium/carbs, etc. Thanks for all of your feedback/motivation, because it would have been easier to have said "to heck with it, I'll start again after the holidays!".


-CORAL- SparkPoints: (40,297)
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11/19/12 2:09 P

I like to pre-track all my food for the day as a strategy to get back on track. That way I have a plan I can stick to and feel better about myself.

TMORRIS13 Posts: 1,142
11/19/12 11:12 A

I'm going to remember how gross I felt after this weekend as motivation to NEVER do it again!! Good luck getting back on track, as well! We can do it!!!

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
11/19/12 11:05 A

As others said, just do it. The past is the past, just go back to your normal plan.

I was in Las Vegas this past weekend and while I didn't go crazy (only 1 buffet meal lol), I definitely ate and drank a lot more alcohol than I normally do, along with hardly drinking any water. My scale this morning showed a 2.5lb weight gain. I didn't freak out, since I know it's from all the sodium I'm sure I ingested, and water retention from the plane ride. Today, I'm eating normally, but lower sodium than normal, and I plan on drinking lots of water.

CHASESMOM15 Posts: 56
11/19/12 10:49 A

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS someone else was feeling this way! I have had a bad two weeks; stress to thank. I had all but gotten rid of my sugar cravings but these last two weeks it's like sugar has been calling my name. I ate like garbage this weekend and paid the price for it. I feel exhausted today and had to drag myself out of the bed at 5 for the gym. I'm afraid to weigh in this week. It's just one foot in front of the other right now; time to get back on track. I'm not going to let two bad weeks undo 6 months of ridiculous hard work- but I feel your pain! I'm going to let how I feel right now be my motivation for getting back into the swing of things. Afterall, I don't want to wake up next Monday feeling the same way, right? Happy Thanksgiving!

TMORRIS13 Posts: 1,142
11/19/12 9:58 A

Thank you guys so much!! I'm definitely trying to drink a ton of water and not panic at any "gain" because I know a couple days of overeating leads to an exaggerated scale (sodium, carbs, etc.). I love Spark because everyone is so helpful and kind!!

PENGUINPIE Posts: 3,146
11/19/12 9:11 A

You can do this, and there's a lot of great advice here! When I'm trying to get back on track after a day (or two, or five) of overindulgence, I do a lot of positive self talk, drink a ton of water, and I make sure respond to my body's hunger signals ---- NO undereating or depriving to try to make up for the mistakes of the past.

Also, I find that coming to Spark People is the first and best thing I can do for myself when I need support, so you've already taken the first step. Good luck!

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (311,170)
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11/19/12 8:56 A

The fact you are looking forward to it is a good sign!

I felt sickened by a whole couple weeks of one day good, next day eating rubbish.... that moment I was so sickened? Since then, which was 11 days ago I have been doing ok.

I agree with not trying to "make up" for the calories, its too hard and achieves nothing.

Drink your water, enjoy some seasonal fresh foods... and dont panic at the scale showing a gain if you bloat from sodium!

STEPHEN_NANNY SparkPoints: (0)
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11/19/12 8:31 A

Kylar_Stern's advice is very good...I agree wholeheartedly.

good luck!

KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
Fitness Minutes: (23,806)
Posts: 1,053
11/19/12 7:27 A

Don't do anything differently. You'll be tempted to undereat or overexercise Mon and Tues to "make up" for it, but I find with me that just tends to lead to overeating again sooner. All I can reccomend is drink a lot of water to clear out the excess sodium so that the scale stops scaring you sooner, and realise that if it does show a 4 pound gain not to panic! carbs and sodium hold onto water, so those 4 pounds will melt right off in a day or 2.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,217)
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11/18/12 8:52 P

Just do it! That's all I can say! emoticon

TMORRIS13 Posts: 1,142
11/18/12 8:31 P

After a weekend of overindulgence (in terms of alcohol and treats), I'm looking forward to getting back on track. What are some of your tips, tricks, suggestions, etc. for getting back on track?


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