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Speed is irrelevant on the exercycle.

Think about it - you can spend 10 minutes freely spinning the wheels on the lowest setting and go 20mph or more and track that - but do you think that's a "better" workout than 10 mins at only 6mph, pushing hard against the resistance?

Speed is great information for cycling, not exercycling.

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2/16/13 6:49 P

Thanks, Uni, I understand. At least I wasn't too far off. When I tracked it I put in less than 12 mph because I couldn't find anything closer.

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2/16/13 6:45 P

To find MPH you've got to convert your "minutes" to "hours". So you rode 2 miles in 0.25 hours (a quarter of an hour).

Then divide the miles by the hours.

2 / 0.25 = 8

You rode at 8 mph.

You can 'common sense' confirm it - if you did 2 miles in 15 minutes, then at the same pace in one hour (four lots of 15 minutes) you would have covered 8 miles. So 8mph is right.

What you have with your maths is "minutes per mile" - you took 7.5 minutes to cover 1 mile.

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2/16/13 6:33 P

I just rode my recumbent bike two miles in fifteen minutes. Is it correct to calculate MPH by dividing time by distance, in this case 15/2=7.5? Could I have gone 7.5 MPH? If I'm doing this right, I am very happy, as I burned a good number of calories.

After eating a slice of pizza and a piece of Italian sausage with fried onions and green pepper (along with lots of salad) yesterday, my scale's smile turned into a bit of a frown this morning. I've had an especially good exercise day.

I hope someone will tell me whether I'm doing this right.


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