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1/2/14 4:09 P

I'm actually not using a sparktracker. I have no idea why the site says I own one.

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1/2/14 3:28 P

Are you also using the Spark tracker? I notice you purchased it. If so, you are probably doubling up. You should probably only have one linked to your Spark account. What I posted is what I do using my fitbit and heart rate monitor. I don't have the Spark tracker.

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1/2/14 3:26 P

I track my food here (though I haven't for a couple months, and need to get back to it). I log my weight on fitbit (though I think it works either way). I don't generally track exercise here now that fitbit and Spark are synched. For a while I did for a record and logged it as zero calories or one calorie (I don't recall). If fitbit rates the intensity of your activity as moderately active or very active than Spark counts it as "exercise minutes". All your steps count in the step tracker, but they are not all counted as "exercise". Some of my actual exercise is rated as lightly active by fitbit and it would be okay to track those activity on Spark with no duplication (in my case stretching and yoga). And it works okay to use the strength exercise tracker--though I personally log it as zero calories per strength exercise. I do log some activities on the fitbit site because I like my fitbit activity levels to match my perceived exertion. I log activities fitbit doesn't track well such as cycling, swimming, rowing weights, and other non-step activities. This isn't perfect for Spark it doesn't count the exercise calories from these logged activities. I don't mind though since Spark is pulling too many calories anyway. My exercise minutes do come out fine with this method other than excluding very low intensity activities that I might want to have a record of.

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1/2/14 3:00 P

as far as I know it is for steps achieved in the exercise only. It has been suggested that if you want to just track the steps taken daily, you can delete out the entry and track exercise as normal.

1/2/14 2:08 P

So my husband just got a Fitbit from work as a Christmas gift (everybody in the office got one) and right now I'm "testing" it out for him (having fun until I give it back). I linked it to my SP account, but I'm not sure what the most effective way to use it is.

My problem is that a lot of the trackers exist both under the SP site as well as the Fitbit site. I figure I could track my food on SP, but I'm confused about how to track my exercise so I don't duplicate calorie burn data. When I sync the two a "Fitbit Entry" appears in my SP fitness log. Is this data for steps walked or exercise as well? If I manually input an exercise on the Fitbit website does this transfer over the the SP site?

I find this all a little perplexing and I'm not sure what the most effective/efficient way to manage both of these tools in tandem. Any advice would be helpful!

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