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1/24/10 5:29 P

I wake up starving. I can't more then an hour without eating breakfast.

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HOTCHOKLIT75 Posts: 44
1/24/10 4:37 P

Immediately I wake up put on water for tea then start making breakfast

MOMMAPANTZ SparkPoints: (72,594)
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1/24/10 4:29 P

Usually within 2 hours

KLAYNE221 Posts: 46
1/24/10 4:21 P

Usually almost as soon as I get up. I'm one of those people who has always eaten breakfast, so if I don't eat my tummy gets super grumbly and I just can't wake up. I usually eat a packet of instant oatmeal or some fresh fruit with coffee. I like to keep it simple. The thought of preparing a big meal in the morning seems impossible to me. haha.

1/24/10 4:17 P

During the week, about 30 min. after waking up. On weekends, it may be about an hour before I get around to fixing breakfast.

KITTYKAT77 Posts: 184
1/24/10 2:57 P

During week I get up at 530 b/c I have to be at work at 7. I normally eat around 730 no later than 8.
On weekends I normally eat right when I get up.

DUALITY8 Posts: 175
1/24/10 2:33 P

On work days I'll get up, shower, get ready and then eat breakfast before I leave.. but on days off it totally depends how hungry I am!! Sometimes within 10 mins, sometimes 2 hours! :-)

SUKALE Posts: 275
1/24/10 1:45 P

Wake up at 6:30, eat a Special K or Slimfast bar at 7:30 in the car. Then at 12:30 I cook a real breakfast. I only work 8-12.

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JAZZMINE Posts: 1,022
1/24/10 12:14 P

Half an hour after getting up, I eat. I get up, shower and have breakfast in the car on the commute. Not good, but I have to be at work by 7:00 a.m. and I have a half hour commute!


1/24/10 12:09 P

On the weekend I eat about an hour after I wake up. On the weekdays I eat about a half hour after I wake up.

TINKMYBELZ SparkPoints: (29,121)
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1/24/10 11:31 A

about 1 to 2 hours after I get up

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MYSECRETBETH SparkPoints: (0)
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1/24/10 9:53 A

About an hour or so.

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MONIEE2 SparkPoints: (152,211)
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1/24/10 9:33 A

I usually get up around 5:30 & I have to eat within 30 minutes or so, or I will crash!!

GALAXYSTAR1 Posts: 1,326
1/24/10 7:23 A

I get up around 4:30 and eat breakfast at 8.

DRAGONFLY519 Posts: 533
1/24/10 5:59 A

I get up around 2am, but don't eat til around 6 or 6:30...

TEMPORARY Posts: 314
1/24/10 4:24 A

Ha, about five minutes.

RINETA SparkPoints: (17,181)
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1/23/10 8:29 P

I get up around 5am and I don't eat breakfast until 10am.

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1/23/10 8:28 P

Usually within an hour of waking up. Or if I dont feel like eating a big breakfast, I drink some juice, start cleaning the house, feed the kids breakfast then eat some oatmeal or something.

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CRAZYKEWL Posts: 557
1/23/10 8:13 P

I eat a banana or other piece of fruit within 30 minutes, but like you I feel SICK if i attempt to eat a real breakfast first thing in the morning. After my banana I usually dont eat breakfast for another 2 hours, it gives me time for the coffee to kick in

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TOMSBABE321 Posts: 617
1/23/10 7:54 P

I have to wait a little bit or by the time lunch comes I am starving. Around 8 or 9am is a good time for me.

1/23/10 7:48 P

I have a milky coffee within 5 minutes, and have cereal about half an hour later.

MTIGER1 Posts: 50
1/23/10 7:42 P

I wake up at 5:40 to work out, and I usually eat around 6:45 or 7.

1/18/10 7:07 P

generally within a half hour. i'm one of those people who just love breakfast and look forward to eating it right after i wake up!

J-UNIT Posts: 239
1/18/10 6:28 P

It takes me at least an hour to eat after I wake up. I almost never wake up hungry. I usually stretch, have some coffee, check all my email accounts then I make some good morning grub.

LAUREN129 Posts: 648
1/18/10 6:16 P

I eat as soon as I wake up...but I also wake up very hungry!

1/18/10 5:50 P

I have heard that if you need to eat as soon as you get up to get you metabolism going.So i eat within 30 minutes of waking.Lisa

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Lisa (Ontario,Canada)
TRIGFROST SparkPoints: (0)
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1/18/10 5:37 P

Any time , 30 mins

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MBOB4921 Posts: 209
1/18/10 4:51 P

I eat about an hour later

JPIETRZ Posts: 17
1/18/10 4:37 P

usually I am hungry when I first wake up. i eat right away. it took along time before my body got used to eating in the morning. like some people, i used to feel sick if I ate right away.

1/18/10 4:09 P

usually i am not hungry upon waking. I go get in an hour of exercise first and then eat. If I am hungry i have a fruit before my work out

ISA858 SparkPoints: (18,478)
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1/18/10 4:05 P

half hour after I get up. Sometimes I eat half then and the other half at snack at work.

1/18/10 4:03 P

I wish I was like Michael Scott and woke up to the smell of bacon first thing in the morning.

I eat it pretty immediately after waking though. I wake up, sometimes lie in bed for ten minutes in pure and utter laziness and not willing to venture outside of the cold blankets. The only reason I get out of bed--breakfast time!

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
1/18/10 4:00 P

During the week I eat breakfast as soon as my teeth are brushed and I get it cooked, so usually within 20 minutes. On the weekends I tend to eat it a bit later because my boyfriend likes to eat later in the morning, but if I don't eat within an hour or two, I am a total mess.

ANNESTARR SparkPoints: (35,758)
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1/18/10 1:09 P

within a half hour

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SEMUSPARK SparkPoints: (60,165)
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1/18/10 1:02 P

Within 2 hours because I go to the gym or on a run first.

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DEBBIEW26 Posts: 1,008
1/18/10 12:30 P

within 30 minutes

1/18/10 12:13 P

I usually eat 2-3 hours after I get up. I usually have a oatmeal smoothie at work. I'm not a breakfast person.

DONNETTASUE SparkPoints: (27,531)
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Posts: 1,662
1/18/10 12:10 P

anywhere from a half hour to an hour.

THEEXERCISER SparkPoints: (151,612)
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1/18/10 11:07 A

I usually eat breakfast about an hour after I get up.

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ISHFISH Posts: 717
1/18/10 11:03 A

I usually eat within an hour of waking up. After my shower on a workday or while I'm checking email on a day off.

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YOUCANLOSEIT SparkPoints: (0)
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1/18/10 11:02 A

I love my breakfasts, and tend to wake up hungry, so I eat right away... like within 10 minutes of getting up. Find something you love and can stomach in the morning, or maybe have a glass of oj or milk to get your metabolism going.

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LITTLELADIE27 Posts: 970
1/18/10 10:48 A

2-3 hours on my days off.

VKLINE326 Posts: 946
1/18/10 10:12 A

I've always been a breakfast lover. I think some people need to start with babysteps to begin morning earting by just having something small like yogurt or fruit. I typically eat 1/2 hour after waking up.

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ADELAIDE97 Posts: 10,210
1/18/10 10:08 A

I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I tend to feel sick to my stomach if I eat within an hour of getting up.

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