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How soon before bed do you stop drinking liquids?

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Posts: 1,005
7/31/08 12:03 P

Usually around 4 hours but if I don't get all my water in for the day I try and drink a bottle of water right before bed. I don't get home from my second job until 9:30 so I'll drink it real fast and then hit the hay. I'm fortunate because I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

Posts: 751
7/31/08 12:02 P

I drink something right up until bedtime.

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Posts: 18,372
7/31/08 12:01 P

I take a glass to bed with me, when I get up to pee I have a drink cuz Im thirsty, so I really dont have a cut off time, but I dont get up every night to pee either????

Posts: 239
7/31/08 11:55 A

I need to stop at least 3-4 hours before bed and really can't drink alot 5-6 hours before. It drives me crazy, some nights I'm up 2-3 times and wake before the alarm because I need to go again.

SparkPoints: (30,435)
Fitness Minutes: (20,210)
Posts: 1,794
7/31/08 10:34 A

I don't have a set time when I stop, it doesn't seem to be a problem with me. I often have half a cup of orange juice pretty shortly before bed, since my doctor told me to take my iron supplements with orange juice.

Posts: 9,698
7/31/08 6:12 A

I try not to drink after 7pm - so about 4 hrs

Posts: 412
7/31/08 5:37 A

I used to take water to bed with me, and I'd often wake up thirsty.

I can't do that anymore. Since I went through the 3rd birth something changed. I was getting up every hour or two to go pee at night. That's very little sleep time!

Now I make sure I get 8 or more cups into the daytime, and the last cup I have is at dinnertime. No more drinks after about 6.30pm. I've tried taking just a drink or two after that time and it wakes me up...the urge to go.

Which is okay by me, I'm not as thirsty as I used to get.

SparkPoints: (35,603)
Fitness Minutes: (16,077)
Posts: 3,923
7/31/08 1:51 A

I don't have a certain cut-off time, because no matter how much (of little) water I drink - I still awaken every morning between 5 & 5:30 because I have to use the bathroom.

Posts: 5,331
7/31/08 12:55 A

Hehe. Sometimes I wake up in the night time to drink water. : ) But I have always drunk like a fish my whole life. I don't really mind getting up to go to the bathroom (IMO). Maybe because I am used to doing it?

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Posts: 1,622
7/31/08 12:49 A

I drink throughout the day and have water on the bedside table -- no problems with nighttime bathroom trips.

Posts: 1,278
7/31/08 12:48 A

about 30 minutes before bed

Posts: 9,609
7/31/08 12:47 A

I fill up my water bottles first thing in the morning as I wait for the coffee to brew.

One bottle before lunch, the other before dinner. Usually I'm done drinking anything about 2 hrs before so I don't have any nightly trips to the RR

Posts: 27,304
7/31/08 12:42 A

I try to stop an hour before going to bed, but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes I have to get up in the middle of the night, but most of the time I can wait until morning.

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,984)
Posts: 750
7/30/08 11:15 P

I should be use to how much water I drink but I still have to take many potty breaks through the night- I don't mind though. Like someone said before I go right back to sleep!

Posts: 3,159
7/30/08 10:15 P

I drink more during the day than I do after dinner - but I always have a glass of water nearby.

Love love love our well water! emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,611)
Posts: 726
7/30/08 10:04 P

I dont but I guess I should.

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,260)
Posts: 1,977
7/30/08 9:46 P

at least 1 hour...or i will have to get up and go...

Posts: 494
7/30/08 8:47 P

I drink up until my head hits the pillow... I always have a glass of water by my bed. But of course that means getting up to pee in the night, lol! ;)

Posts: 576
7/30/08 8:43 P

i have to have drink of water before i go to bed. i keep a cup of ice water on my night stand. if i want to get up earlier than normal, i drink more!

Posts: 248
7/30/08 8:41 P

i don't...i drink all day long.

Posts: 177
7/30/08 8:30 P

I usually drink a glass of water right before bed. I get up to go to the bathroom during the night, but I can usually go back right back to sleep.

Posts: 108
7/30/08 7:25 P

I stop drinking water about 15 to 30 minutes before I fall asleep.

Posts: 86
7/30/08 7:06 P

I also just keep drinking at night & keep a bottle on my nightstand!

Posts: 5,791
7/30/08 6:53 P

I slow down in the evening, but don't stop. I keep a water bottle on my bedside table.

Posts: 299
7/30/08 6:47 P

I drink until bedtime. I've been known to drink two glasses of squash right before bed because I realised I hadn't drunk enough during the day. =P

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (64,818)
Posts: 12,856
7/30/08 6:35 P

About an hour before bedtime usually, sometimes I get a drink just before bed time

Posts: 143
7/30/08 6:28 P

I have to get up sooo many times in the night that I try not to take more than a few sips after dinner.

SparkPoints: (72,188)
Fitness Minutes: (66,276)
Posts: 3,750
7/30/08 6:25 P

I drink until about 1/2 hour before and now keep a glass at bedside so I dont sneak into the kitchen and become the Midnight Raider emoticon

SparkPoints: (172,871)
Fitness Minutes: (157,883)
Posts: 7,233
7/30/08 6:22 P

I drink right up until I hop in the bed.

SparkPoints: (7,645)
Fitness Minutes: (10,450)
Posts: 554
7/30/08 6:05 P

1 hour before bed

Posts: 413
7/30/08 6:00 P

i drink all the way until i go to bed

SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,350)
Posts: 2,077
7/30/08 5:56 P

I drink my bulk in the afternoon and slow down at night. No more than one bottle after dinner. Other than that I am up all night.

SparkPoints: (18,291)
Fitness Minutes: (890)
Posts: 1,087
7/30/08 5:52 P

I drink my water until I getting ready for bed and get a bottle of water and leave it by my night stand incase i get thirsty during the night.

Posts: 277
7/30/08 4:56 P

I try to stop a couple of hours before I hit the sack but it doesn't always work

Posts: 4,071
7/30/08 4:55 P

I stop before 1700. No liquids after that. It works for me

SparkPoints: (274,215)
Fitness Minutes: (120,304)
Posts: 16,468
7/30/08 4:38 P

I drink up to the light gets turned off. Sometimes I regret that when I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but usually it's not bad.

Posts: 7,483
7/30/08 4:31 P

I have pills that I have to take at bedtime so I finish off whatever I'm drinking then, which is usually water.

Posts: 1,715
7/30/08 4:29 P

I drink all night and keep a water bottle on my bedside table!

SparkPoints: (41,351)
Fitness Minutes: (26,765)
Posts: 10,054
7/30/08 4:10 P

I keep drinking seconds before I goto bed, I have to get up to the bathroom whether I drink alot of water or not.

Posts: 798
7/30/08 4:07 P

I drink liquids right until bedtime. It's not an issue for me. Occasionally, I have to get up to go to the bathroom, but I go right back to sleep.

Posts: 7,053
7/30/08 3:58 P

In general if you are well hydrated that ceases to be a problem, but at any rate, I personally would never NOT drink if I felt thirsty.

Posts: 97
7/30/08 3:57 P

i take a glass of water to bed.

Posts: 50
7/30/08 3:32 P

I'm trying to get in more liquids but I'm having go potty all the time so I'm wondering what everyone else's experience has been. If you stop before bed, how many hours... or if you just keep drinking and get up in the middle of the night etc....Maybe you just get used to it and no longer have to go all the time?

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