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9/20/14 7:06 P


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CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
9/20/14 6:56 P

When you have diarrhea and are vomiting.

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9/20/14 2:41 P

My motto with working-out is "Something is better than nothing".
I got the flu on Monday and it's been hanging around for the last 6 days. I hung around and did nothing for Monday-Wednesday, and then got tired of waiting for it to go away. I've gotten into a routine of going to the gym Tuesday-Friday. I go to a spin class on Thursdays usually. I went but only gave it about 50% of what I normally do. I do a circuit training class on Fridays, but I just made the weights a little less.
It didn't kill me, and what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.

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5/1/14 10:52 P

If anyone know's, please let the rest of us know real soon.

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5/1/14 10:09 P

That's what would happen to me, too! It just lingers. I keep trying to motivate myself by telling myself that hopefully I wouldn't get sick as much once I get healthy.

MARTHA324 Posts: 5,816
5/1/14 4:27 P

I've read that it's ok to exercise with a head cold but not with chest cold or flu. Listen to your body and I think you'll know when it's healthy to exercise. Doing too much when you're sick can make you sicker.

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5/1/14 4:24 P


Now that you mention that....

I've started working out regularily this year. I made it a new years resolution and I have been making progress each month! I had a cold in February but other then that I've been super healthy lately.

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4/30/14 12:20 P

Yes, I always still TRY to do a workout. Cause I usually feel 10 TIMES better afterwards. Almost like I sweat the cold out. And I too am less sick, and if I do get something it doesn't last as long as others.


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4/30/14 11:57 A


I actually find that exercise clears congestion and also strengthens my immune system so that I am sick less often and if I am sick, I am feeling better in a couple of hours. Every single person I know who exercises regularly (and I know a LOT) rarely gets sick, if ever.

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4/30/14 11:53 A

I like Coach Jen's rule of thumb. The other thing I've noticed is that since I've started exercising on a more regular basis, I haven't gotten sick. I used to get the flu every winter (despite getting the shot) and a sinus infection in the spring. But I haven't had more than a sniffle in about 3 years.

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4/30/14 11:05 A

I've always wondered this too.

Sometimes a cold can last weeks. How is a person supposed to stick with a steady workout regimene this way? Sluggishness can last days or weeks also. I've always wondered if I should push through it and workout anyways. As long as I"m not bed-bound sick.


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,549
4/30/14 9:52 A

The general rule of thumb is if your symptoms are from the neck up and you feel up to it, it's okay to exercise. Just listen to your body and take it easy if you feel like you need to. If the symptoms are below the neck (like a chest cold), you should wait until that clears up to resume activity.

Coach Jen

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4/30/14 9:46 A

I think if you're up for it, go for it. If your body is feeling super sluggish, then rest and let it do it's healing thing. If you're not feeling great, but not horrible, then work out but take it down a notch. I have SLE, so I have a lot of days where I have a pounding migraine, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes, aching joints and everything else, so I may not work out to the extent I normally do, but I at least squeeze in a brisk walk on those days.

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4/30/14 9:32 A

My rule is: if it's above the neck, light/moderate exercise is ok. If it's in my chest, I'll take the day off.

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4/30/14 9:28 A

When you literally are flat on your back sick and can't stand up straight and blowing it out both ends is my limit.

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4/30/14 9:27 A

I always read that you shouldn't exercise when you have a cold or sick. I can understand if you feel really bad or have a fever, but how about if you have a sinus infection (congestion, cough, etc...) and don't feel bad? It seems to me exercise may make you feel better, boost your energy, etc... I am not talking about heavy exercise, just doing something so that you can say you did it (treadmill, light walk outside, DVD, etc...) If I was contagious, I wouldn't go to a gym. I have allergies and get frequent sinus infections, and it seems like as soon as I feel like I am starting to make exercising a habit, I get sick and stop.

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