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LISAWMI SparkPoints: (50,168)
Fitness Minutes: (37,224)
Posts: 1,416
1/30/12 10:37 A

Thanks for the input!

LUANN_IN_PA SparkPoints: (169,940)
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1/30/12 10:31 A

Enter the minutes into your Quick Tracker.
It's on the My Fitness page... right there on the top!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 62,737
1/30/12 10:29 A

If it's a cardio and strength workout in one, click Add Cardio then log it as circuit training.

Coach Jen

LISAWMI SparkPoints: (50,168)
Fitness Minutes: (37,224)
Posts: 1,416
1/30/12 10:16 A

I have a really expensive heart rate monitor. Tracking the calories is not the issue. Just want to more accurately reflect what I am doing in the tracker.

DIMPLES807 Posts: 215
1/30/12 10:14 A

perhaps you can consider investing in a heart rate monitor to help track calories burned since you are using a personalized program. I agreed that it's hard to find the right combination of exercise on the SP tracker at times.

LISAWMI SparkPoints: (50,168)
Fitness Minutes: (37,224)
Posts: 1,416
1/30/12 10:12 A

Not sure where "quick track" is under strength- it seems to want reps etc. Circut training I can't find either under strength training. What am I missing?

KAUDREY318 SparkPoints: (5,672)
Fitness Minutes: (17,393)
Posts: 254
1/30/12 10:08 A

I put it in as circuit training.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/30/12 10:07 A

I'd just put it in the quick track. While ST does get your heartrate up, calories burned are different than with cardio because it's a different type of exercise, so it's difficult to accurately determine. I believe the burn actually comes during the rest phase, not as much during the workout.

LISAWMI SparkPoints: (50,168)
Fitness Minutes: (37,224)
Posts: 1,416
1/30/12 9:56 A

I have been tracking my personal training sessions under cardio in the fitness tracker. That is because I can't really figure out how else to do it. There is a lot of strength training involved but nothing that i can really find in the strength training component. It is different every time so I can't really make up my own strength training. My heart rate does get up there- my trainer incorporates strength exercises that also get the heart rate up. I would like my tracker to more accurately reflect what I am doing- you would think from looking at it that I am not doing any strength training when I am twice per week.

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