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C11ELF16 Posts: 482
4/10/09 2:22 P

Pick who YOU want and someone who you can TRUST with everything. In addition, pick someone that you are completely comfortable around. You want someone by your side who will enhance your day !

ECHO81 Posts: 637
4/8/09 11:40 P

Yeah, she openly has admitted that she it threatened by me and any other female friends that he has, I have heard her call one a hooker before. I try to give her some slack, she is only 20 years old but there's a point where you grow up. I fear thanks to her I have lost a good friend.

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4/8/09 10:03 P

If it were me, I would go with the girl who has been there and went dress shopping.
The guy's wife probably feels threatened by you and won't let him go to the wedding. He won't even respond to you online.

CARADAWN Posts: 1,955
4/8/09 3:06 P

Why not make him an usher. We had a friend like that in our wedding and he almost didn't show (missed the rehearsal dinner and made it in Saturday afternoon). If an usher is missing no one will notice but they will notice if someone in the wedding party is not there. Just a suggestion

ECHO81 Posts: 637
4/8/09 12:02 P

This is definitely something I need maul over some more, I already have a matron of honor who is my older sister so I am not sure two maid of honors will work. I wonder if I should offer to place him else where in the party that is not as an important role, that way if he doesn't show it won't matter?

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
4/8/09 11:15 A

Why not have both of them? I've seen tons of people with more than one person of honor. really do have to look at if this friendship with the male is one of those friends for a reason, friends for a season, or friends for life things. I had a similar situation where I thought this guy was going to be my friend for life...and I haven't heard from him in almost a year. I've requested his address several times to mail him a wedding invite and he refuses to reply. He's a great guy...and he'll always hold a special place in my life. But, I had to realize that for whatever reason we just aren't as close as we were before--he must have been a friend for a "season" as opposed to a friend for life. much as he'll always be special to me, I just had to move on. The invite is always open, but I won't keep pushing. (:

ECHO81 Posts: 637
4/8/09 8:17 A

I am having a hard time on deciding who my maid of honor should be. At first I was going to pick my best friend of the past three or more years and he happens to be a guy. I don't have an issue with the whole gender thing and we have been there for each other through some pretty harsh crap. This is where it gets confusing and my loyalty is tested so here is some back ground.

He has completely dropped off the radar since dating and then marring his now wife all in the past seven months. Normally I would be over joyed for him but the way this relationship started out has me concerned. I was there for him the first three months where this girl completely tore him a part and had him so stressed out that he developed an ulcer. Then when she found out that he was going to dump her, she did a complete 180 and we haven't really seen him in the past four months.

I have another really great friend that I have known for about a year and a half. She has been there for me through a couple of nasty fights with my fiance and I have been there for her. She even went wedding dress shopping with me and helped pick out the dress. I can get in touch with her without a problem and know that I can probably count on her.

With my male friend I am worried that since he is so wrapped up in his new married life that he wont even show up to the wedding. I have text him and left comments and messages on Myspace, the best ways to get a hold of him and no response. I don't want to think ill or bad of his wife but since being with her it seems like she doesn't let him spend time with his friends. I understand the whole getting caught up in a new relationship for a couple of months but this seems a bit extreme.

I am not a fickle person and I don't throw my loyalty around just because someone suites me at a particular moment. I was wondering what you all thought I should do, go with the person that actually cares about the situation or stick with the older friend that might not be there for me? Sorry for the small book but I am so confused and kinda hurt.

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