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I have had two ACL surgeries in the last couple years.

The previous posters are right about working with your doctor to fix and rehab the knee injury. And they're right that watching your diet will be the biggest thing that you can do right now to watch your weight.

But these are the aerobic exercises that I have been told to do (by my surgeon, physical therapist, and sports team trainer) when my knee won't let me do much else:

- My doc encouraged me to do as much stationary bike as possible.
- Seated or standing boxing, either against a bag or while holding small hand weights.
- "quick bends" - stand upright, bend over and touch your toes, then touch your waist, then reach overhead and stand on your tiptoes. Repeat. You can do this pretty fast, maybe while holding a medicine ball, to give you some aerobic intensity.
- Put a couple upper body strength training moves and ab exercises in a fast circuit. You can also include any lower body exercises that you find you can do safely and comfortably, but never put yourself in a situation where you risk falling (which could case more damage to the knee).
- Hand cycle, if you have access to one.
- Rowing machine, but limit your leg movement to your knee's comfortable range of motion and focus on pulling with your arms/torso.

I actually just posted that list on another thread about exercising with an ACL tear, so I know there are other knee-injury threads out there and you're not alone :)

Have fun on your vacation, and good luck with your knee!


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I agree with the other posters as for exercise, if you were planning to vacation, probably should have been something you needed to talk with your Doctor about regarding how much exercise you can do. It really all depends on how much pain or soreness your having at this time. Can you walk a certain amount of distance each day while sightseeing with out creating additional pain? You just have to go by what you can tollerate and if it start's hurting, rest and Ice it for any swelling.

I know, I had the same problem back in 2006, I had alot of pain and sorness in the back of my knee from the top of the calf and up into the lower Hamstrings. I was fine as long as I walked, but I was in the process of trying to train for a Marathon at that time. My Doc told me to cancel my plans for the Race and I did extensive Sport's Physical Therapy but it didn't help and I finally had surgery. It took me a good year to get back to running the way I was before the surgery. True, I still have occasional soreness...But have learned to lay off running /exercise for a few days and then I'm good to go again.

Good Luck and enjoy your Vacation!

5/19/10 1:32 P

I did go to 2 doctors to double check and had an MRI. That's how I know what the problem is.I wasn't very clear about my question. I will need surgery at some time in the near future. I'm in Greece on vacation just now. I was wondering with this condition what other types of exercise can I do. Your answer is perfect. The last thing I need to worry about is exercise. Dieting here should be easy. Mediterranean food is healthy. Everything is fresh from the garden or the sea. Thank you for the insight!

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First, you go to the doctor to get a proper diagnosis for that knee. If they say you need to lay off exercise for X amount of days. that's what you do to help that knee heal. If you try to exercise on that knee, you risk making the injury worse than it already is.

Until you see a doctor, you can put some ice on that knee. keep the brace on, elevate the leg and lay off exercise for a few days. You will not gain 10 pounds because you can't exercise. As long as you eat moderately, you'll be fine. Remember, it's not the exercise that takes the weight off and keeps it off, it's what you eat.

When it comes to weight loss, nutrition trumps exercise. So, as long as you eat mindfully, you will not gain if you can't exercise.

So, get that knee checked out by a professional. there are exercises a physical therapist can show you, but you've got to seek that professional opinion first.

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5/19/10 10:34 A

I hurt my knee, actually tore the medial meniscus on an elliptical machine. It must have already been damaged. I have no idea what exercises I can do to keep in shape. I'm wearing a brace and the knee won't get better on it's own. I'm struggling with the last 5 pounds I need to lose. Please, any suggestions are truly welcomed!

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